How Artificial Grass Helps Improve Your Short Game at Home

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How Artificial Grass Helps Improve Your Short Game at Home

Anyone who has played a round of golf in Orlando knows that improving your short game is crucial to lowering your handicap. Whether you’re an amateur golfer just looking to enjoy weekend games, or a seasoned professional striving to improve your putting, artificial grass offers several advantages that can help you enhance your short game at home. In fact, more and more Orlando homeowners are turning to artificial grass for putting greens for its myriad of benefits.

Realistic Playing Surface

Firstly, the quality of artificial grass technology has advanced to the point where it closely mimics the look, feel and performance of natural grass. When you install a putting green made with artificial grass in your backyard, you’ll forget you’re not on a professional golf course! Modern artificial grass is designed to provide a smooth, consistent surface and realistic ball roll, essential factors for effectively practicing your short game.

Customizable Greens

Another huge advantage of artificial grass is its customizability. Regardless of the size and shape of your backyard, you can design your very own putting green with unique hazards and hole placements, simulating the unpredictability of a real golf course. Experienced installers, like those we recommend at Orlando Artificial Grass Pros, can help you create a custom backyard putting green that challenges and improves your short game.

Convenient Practice

Having a backyard artificial putting green means you can practice anytime – whether it’s an early morning session before heading to the office, a quick practice during lunch time, or a relaxing evening session. You don’t need to drive to a golf course or country club; you can simply step outside and start putting, saving time and gas money.

Low Maintenance

Natural grass putting green requires regular mowing, fertilizing, and watering to keep it in playing shape. These chores not only consume time and resources but might also restrict your practice sessions. Artificial grass putting greens, on the other hand, are practically maintenance-free. They remain lushly green and in perfect putting condition all year round, even in Orlando’s hot, humid summer, allowing you more time to focus on improving your putt.

Installs Anywhere

Artificial grass isn’t only for backyards. If you don’t have enough backyard space, you can install artificial grass on your patio or even indoors. This versatility greatly benefits Orlando residents in condos or apartments, allowing them to practice their putting skills without leaving their homes.


Finally, choosing artificial grass is an environmentally friendly decision. In a city like Orlando, where water conservation is crucial, artificial grass for putting greens significantly reduces water usage. It also cuts down on harmful emissions from lawn mowers and eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

If you’re serious about improving your short game at home in Orlando, installing an artificial grass putting green can be a game-changer. It offers a realistic, customizable, and convenient practice area that requires minimal maintenance, can be installed anywhere, and is eco-friendly. Playing golf on artificial turf will improve your short putts and ultimately lower your scores on the golf course.

Ready to improve your short game with the benefits of artificial grass? Have questions? Send us a message! We can answer any questions you have and recommend trusted local installers in Orlando.