How to Add a Personal Touch to Your Backyard Putting Green

lawnhomecare Mar 22, 2024 Putting Green
backyard putting green

Have you ever imagined enhancing your putting prowess right in your backyard? Do you live on Long Island, NY, and have you always admired the pristine, green texture of Jones Beach State Park’s scenery or the golf courses of the Hamptons? Well, the good news is that now you can recreate this in your own backyard with artificial grass. But that’s not all. You can add a personal touch to create a unique space that represents your style, personality, and hobbies. This comprehensive guide will help you create the perfect oasis in your backyard with a personal touch.

Choosing the Artificial Grass

The first step to creating the perfect Long Island-esque backyard is selecting the right artificial grass. One crucial factor to consider is the turf’s quality, as it directly dictates your mini golf green’s look and feel. You would want a texture as smooth and realistic as that of the Montauk Downs State Park golf course!

Furthermore, for your Long Island home, you should opt for grass blades that resemble cool-season grasses typical in the region. This will add a Long Island feel to your putting green! Remember, the right artificial grass will not only enhance your golf skills but will also create a picturesque Long Island outer space. Consider integrating the vibrant greens seen in Port Jefferson or the hues of grass in North Hempstead.

Personalizing Your Putting Green

Add unique features that reflect your hobbies outside golf. An example is adding landscape lighting to moonlight putting rounds or a fire pit for those chilly Long Island evenings.

Incidentally, bird feeders and birdbaths can add a natural touch to your backyard, welcoming Long Island’s unique bird species like the Osprey and Northern Cardinal. Perhaps you can even fashion your putting green with a mimicry of the Montauk Lighthouse – a proud Long Island icon.

Green Design

Craft your backyard putting green to replicate your favorite Long Island golf course. Whether it’s the rolling nature of the Bethpage Black Course or the less intimidating flat surface of Eisenhower Park, your putting green can help you relive some of your favorite Long Island golfing memories. Maybe you’d like to incorporate the sandy texture of Montauk’s dunes as a unique bunker feature in your design!


One of the significant advantages of artificial grass is that it’s easy to maintain, just like native Long Island grasses for putting greens. However, you need to maintain it regularly to keep this Long Island oasis at its best. Be sure to remove any debris with a rake and rinse the turf with a hose regularly. In addition to maintaining the pristine look of your Long Island-inspired putting green, this maintenance will keep it hygienic and safe.

Involving Local Artificial Grass Experts

There are a plethora of local installers in Long Island who are experienced in designing and installing artificial grass putting greens. At Long Island Artificial Grass, we can provide comprehensive advice on selecting and installing the right turf to add a personal touch to your backyard putting green. Reach out to us today!

In conclusion, creating a personalized and Long Island-esque backyard putting green is more than just about improving your game; it’s about creating an outdoor escape that reflects your love for golf and Long Island alike.