How to Get Rid of Dog Urine Smell on Artificial Grass

lawnhomecare Feb 22, 2024 Pet Friendly Turf
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If you’re a Colorado pet owner with artificial grass, you may be dealing with a persistent dog urine smell problem. This common issue, the bane of loving your lawn, is high on your list – you love your dog, but also your artificial grass. Denver, characterized by its pristine open spaces and picturesque landscapes, is a sight to behold. If only you could say the same about your backyard’s scent!

Thankfully, you can! Take a deep breath (before getting near your lawn, of course) as here’s a comprehensive guide on how to get rid of dog urine smell on artificial grass.

Understanding the Problem

Before we solve the problem, let’s first understand why it happens. Does dog urine damage artificial grass? Not at all! Denver’s climate largely involves dry seasons, which aggravate the urine smell. Moreover, dog urine comprises substances that are rich in nitrogen, giving off a strong odor, especially when concentrated. Artificial grass, unlike natural grass, doesn’t absorb or get rid of these substances.

Using a Hose

A simple and effective preventive solution is to hose down your artificial grass immediately after your pet has done its business. By doing so, urine substances are diluted and washed away, substantially reducing the potent smell. However, this approach requires your constant attention and immediate action, which can be somewhat inconvenient.

Applying Odor Neutralizers

Commercially available odor neutralizers work wonders at eliminating the dog urine smell. They contain enzymes that break down the nitrogen compounds. When choosing from myriad options in Denver markets, be sure to select pet-friendly ones, to safeguard the health of your adored pet.

Using Vinegar

If you’re inclined towards eco-friendly solutions, vinegar is a powerful homemade smell neutralizer. Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water, and spray it around the problem areas. The potent smell of vinegar is a great antidote for dog urine smell, and it evaporates quickly, causing no lingering effects.

Opting for Fresh Fillers

Fillers like Zeofill absorb and neutralize the smell wonderfully, keeping your artificial grass in Denver smelling fresh. While infill replacement can be more demanding, segregating the smell-hit areas and replacing their infills can simply do the trick.

Choosing Artificial Grass for Pets

Last but not least, it helps a great deal to use pet-friendly artificial grass in the first place, designed with one purpose – easy maintenance. Having smart technology like Duraflo backing and Microban technology, they capably combat issues of odor and drainage. You can explore more on quality artificial grass suitable for pets here.

So, Denver dog owners, cheer up! With these quick and easy solutions, your artificial grass can be as refreshing as the cool breeze of Colorado. For any further queries, feel free to send us a message. We can also recommend trusted local installers if needed.