What Makes Artificial Grass Safe for Dogs?

lawnhomecare Feb 20, 2024 Pet Friendly Turf
pet friendly turf on yard

Orlando residents are known for their love of dogs. From downtown pooch-friendly cafés to well-appointed dog parks in every corner, the city is literally, a dog’s paradise. But the blazing heat, pesky bugs, and sudden afternoon thunderstorms of Florida could hamper outdoor fun with your beloved canine. What’s a dedicated fur-parent to do?

Artificial grass is a popular solution to keep your dog’s play area lovely, clean, and safe, regardless of Florida’s unpredictable weather swings. But what makes artificial grass safe for dogs besides on-demand, all-weather use? And why is it ideal for Orlando, FL?

An Excellent Weather-Proof Solution

In Orlando, FL, the weather could be beautiful one minute and be wildly unpredictable the next. The heat, rain, and grass burrs can make your dog’s outdoor space unuseable. Artificial grass can handle all this and more.

It’s designed to endure the intense UV rays of the famous Florida sun without fading or losing its lush look. It immediately dries after our afternoon downpours, thanks to its excellent drainage capacity. It also eliminates the risk of grass burrs, an annoying outdoor issue in FL. Additionally, it’s resistant to wear and tear, no matter how hard your pooch plays.

Free From Hazardous Chemicals

It’s a typical concern among Orlando dog owners, are there harmful chemicals in artificial grass? The answer is a resounding no. Not in products designed specifically for pets, which are lead-free and non-toxic.

It ensures that if Fido likes to dig and chew, there’s no risk of chemical ingestion. It’s a much safer option than natural lawn care, which often involves fertilizers, pest control, and other chemicals that can be harmful to pets, especially to dogs with a habit of eating grass.

No Room For Pests

In Florida, we have our fair share of insects and pests, and dog-owners know how fleas and ticks can quickly infest a yard and adversely affect their pets’ health. Artificial grass provides a solution to this issue. Unlike natural grass, synthetic turf doesn’t attract pests, thus reducing these health risks.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

So, Fido had his playtime and, upon doing the potty business, left behind a bit of mess. A quick hose down, and your yard is clean and fresh again! Artificial grass has a robust drainage system that quickly flushes out the waste, leaving no room for bad odor or unsanitary backyard conditions. Compared to natural grass, synthetic turf in Orlando homes provides easier, faster, and cheaper maintenance, but with the same delightful greenery.

Zoning in on ZeoFill

When it comes to minimizing odors, ZeoFill takes the cake. As a type of infill used in artificial grass for pets, it absorbs and neutralizes urine odors by trapping the ammonia in dog urine. With ZeoFill as a part of your synthetic lawn, you’ll enjoy a fresh-smelling yard despite your pet’s many bathroom breaks.

Ultimately, the safety and usefulness of artificial grass for dogs are what makes it a top choice for Orlando dog owners. It’s an easy and practical solution to maintain a lovely yard and a safe, enjoyable play area for your beloved pooch round-the-clock, across all seasons.