What to Expect: Maintenance for your Synthetic Lawn

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If you’ve recently done a makeover for your lawn with artificial grass, chances are you’re absolutely smitten with the elegant, vibrant, and pristine aesthetics it brought your Fresno, CA home. The question now is – how do you maintain it, and most importantly, what does that entail? Sit back and relax as we delve into the specifics of synthetic lawn maintenance.

Maintaining Your Synthetic Lawn: An Overview

If you love the idea of a perpetually green and lush lawn without the effort associated with natural grass maintenance, a synthetic lawn from Fresno, CA for playground use just might be your best bet. Unlike its natural counterpart, it doesn’t require watering, mowing, or fertilizers to maintain an elegant look. However, it does require some level of maintenance to keep it in its prime. That said, synthetic grass maintenance is a walk in the park compared to natural grass costs and efforts. Let’s explore the specifics.

Periodic Brushing

Just like our hair, synthetic lawns also need a good brushing now and then. Using a brush with synthetic bristles – avoid metal bristles as they can damage the grass, brush against the grain weekly or bi-weekly to keep your synthetic lawn looking pristine, fresh, and lively. This is to prevent the grass blades from flattening – a common issue with heavily used areas.

Spot Cleaning

Despite not attracting mud and pests like natural grass, synthetic lawns can get dirty from spillages and pets. Use a soft cloth, mild detergent, and warm water to remove any stains, taking care not to scrub too hard lest it damage the turf fibers. For persistent stains from things like oil and acrylic paint, consider using mineral spirits.


Your artificial grass in Fresno, CA, will benefit from a good rinse now and then. Use your regular garden hose to rinse off dust, debris, and other small particles each week. This will help maintain the brightness and vibrancy of your lawn. During Fresno’s hot summer months, a quick rinse can also help cool down the synthetic grass, making it more comfortable for kids and pets to play.

Addressing Pet Waste

For pet owners, picking up solid waste is just routine. Rinse off the area afterwards to remove any remaining particles, and occasionally sanitize with a mild, natural detergent to maintain good hygiene and keep odors at bay.

Removing Leaves and Debris

In the fall when leaves are dropping, you’ll want to keep them off your artificial grass. Not only can leaves make your playground lawn look untidy, but they can also lead to organic growth when allowed to decompose. Use a lightweight rake or leaf blower to clear away leaves, sticks, and other debris.

Preventing Weed Growth

Although it’s less likely for weeds to grow on synthetic lawns than on natural grass, it’s not a complete impossibility. Applying a water-based weed killer twice a year should be enough to keep weeds at bay.

So there you have it, maintaining your synthetic lawn in Fresno, CA, is really quite simple. Remember, a little tending goes a long way, and well-maintained artificial grass can last for up to 15 years, ensuring that your outdoor spaces, whether lawns or playgrounds, stay beautiful for years to come.

Have more questions about maintaining your synthetic lawn? Or perhaps you’re considering installing one and need recommendations for trusted installers in Fresno? Feel free to send us a message, we’re more than happy to help!