Artificial Grass for Playgrounds: Safety and Fall Protection Standards

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Safety and Fall Protection Standards

When parents or school administrators think about playground surfaces in Orlando, FL, they typically focus on the fun factor. But there’s another aspect they should seriously consider too – safety. Part of ensuring a safe playground is the type of surface material used, and artificial grass has become the surface of choice for many. Let’s dive in to learn more about artificial grass for playgrounds, focusing on safety and fall protection standards.

Why Choose Artificial Grass for Playgrounds?

Traditionally, playgrounds were covered with surfaces such as wood chips or sand. These, however, did not offer much in terms of safety. Enter artificial grass. With its lush, uniform appearance, it offers not only an attractive surface but also reduces risks of injuries due to falls.

The sunny skies of Orlando, FL, offer perfect weather for kids to play outdoors, and artificial grass presents an aesthetically pleasing playground that ensures their safety. It is resilient enough to endure high footfall and can withstand Orlando’s tropical climate, ensuring it remains in good shape all year round.

Artificial Grass and Safety Standards

Artificial grass for playgrounds adheres to strict safety standards to protect against falls and injuries. One of these standards is the g-max rating, which measures the shock absorbency of the surface. Most natural grass fields have a g-max rating of about 200 while the standard for playground surfaces, including artificial grass, is usually under 200. This lower rating translates to increased shock absorption and protection against head injuries.

Artificial grass for playgrounds also adheres to the American Standard Test Method F1292, stipulating that the surface should minimize the risk of life-threatening head injuries.

The Importance of Underlay Padding

Underneath the turf, an underlay padding is installed to enhance shock absorption. This padding, made of foam or rubber, reduces the impact of falls, making the playground safer for children.

Considering Orlando’s climate, the underlay padding also serves as a drainage system, helping absorb rainwater efficiently to prevent waterlogged areas and slip hazards on the playground.

Choosing the Best Grass Blade Face Weight

Artificial grass blade face weight, calculated in ounces per yard, indicates the durability of the turf. A higher face weight improves the feel of the grass and its resilience to wear. For playgrounds with heavy traffic, choosing a face weight of about 80 to be ideal.

The choice of artificial grass for your playground is not just about the green lush color. Safety standards are essential. Find out more about the best options for your space in this comprehensive guide on artificial grass for your yard.


Creating a safe, fun playground for kids in Orlando is achievable with artificial grass. This surface adheres to safety and fall protection standards, ensuring that kids can enjoy their play in a safer environment. It’s aesthetically pleasing, durable, and most importantly, it ensures the well-being of our children.

If you have any questions or need recommendations for trusted local installers in Orlando, FL, don’t hesitate to message us. We’re here to help make your playground dream a reality.