Can Artificial Grass for Dogs Near Me Help Pets With Digging Problems?

lawnhomecare Oct 2, 2023 Pet Friendly Turf

If you’re tired of patching up holes in your lawn and constantly cleaning muddy paw prints off your floors and furniture, you’re not alone. Many pet owners struggle with their dogs’ digging habits. Unbeknownst to many, the solution may lie in replacing natural grass with artificial grass for dogs near me.

Why Do Dogs Dig Yards?

Dog’s digging behavior can be explained by a variety of reasons, ranging from basic instincts to deliberate attempts to cope with certain situations.

To Satisfy Instincts

Many dog breeds were bred for jobs that involve digging. Terriers, for example, were meant to flush out rodents, resulting in a strong instinct to dig. For these dogs, digging is an innate and satisfying behavior.

To Seek Comfort

Dogs may dig to seek shelter from harsh weather conditions. They dig holes to lie in and keep cool during hot weather and try to find warmth in colder weather.

To Have Fun

If your dog is left alone in the yard for long periods, digging can be a form of self-entertainment. Dogs are active animals, and if their environment is not stimulating enough, they will resort to activities such as digging.

How Does Artificial Grass Withstand Digging?

Artificial grass for dogs near me is renowned for its durability and resilience against various challenges, including pets’ notorious digging habits. Its design incorporates several features specifically to prevent damage.

Superior Build Material

Synthetic turf comprises high-quality materials, primarily polyethylene or polypropylene, that are tough and stand up to a dog’s claws better than real grass. It’s unlikely that dogs can break through the backing of artificial grass.

Strong backing

Artificial grass is backed with a sturdy layer, often made of latex or polyurethane, which provides extra strength against digging. Despite repeated attempts, dogs find it difficult to penetrate this robust backing.

Secure Installation

High-quality artificial grass installations are securely anchored into the ground, with the edges properly tucked and nailed down. This ensures that the turf remains in place, even under the consistent scratching and digging efforts of your furry companion.

Other Ways Dogs Can’t Ruin Artificial Grass

Artificial grass not only withstands dogs’ digging efforts but it’s resistant to several other pet-related issues as well.

Resists Urine Damage

Unlike natural grass, synthetic turf is resistant to damage from dog urine. Acidic pee wouldn’t cause discoloration or unpleasant odors due to the innovative drainage system and material properties of artificial grass.

Free of Dirt and Mud

Thanks to the efficient drainage system and absence of soil, artificial grass for dogs near me never turns into a muddy mess. As a result, dirty paw prints inside the house become a thing of the past.

Withstands Rough Play

Artificial grass is constructed to handle high foot traffic and vigorous play. The strong synthetic fibers ensure the grass maintains its appearance, even when subjected to intense play sessions by your dog.

Synthetic grass proves to be a pet-friendly solution appropriate for households grappling with dogs’ relentless digging habits. Its resilience also extends to other potential damages like urine stains, mud creation, and general roughhousing. Replacing natural grass with artificial turf means ushering in a greener, cleaner, and hassle-free living experience for both you and your four-legged companion.