7 Features to Look for in Quality Artificial Grass for Dogs in Bend

lawnhomecare Mar 17, 2023 Artificial Grass Hacks

When choosing artificial grass for dogs in Bend, there are a few features you should consider to make sure it’s a quality product that will stand up to your pup’s wear and tear. Here are 7 features to keep in mind when shopping around:

  1. Drainage System

    Artificial grass with good drainage helps prevent standing water from collecting on the surface, which is a breeding ground for bacteria and other organisms. Look for artificial grass with drainage holes in the backing that allow water to flow through quickly and easily. If there’s no drainage system, try to find a product with a backing that is designed to shed water quickly. Furthermore, artificial grass with drainage will ensure your pup stays safe and dry!

  2. Durability

    Look for artificial grass that is designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and wear and tear from dogs or other pets. Synthetic grass installation in Bend made with durable material like nylon or polypropylene ensures that it can stand up to your pup’s digging, running, and playing. Artificial grass with a lower pile height is more durable than grass with a higher pile height. However, higher pile heights are often more comfortable on your pup’s feet.

  3. Artificial Infill

    The artificial infill can provide a cushiony feel to the artificial grass and also helps keep it in place so it doesn’t shift or get damaged when your pup runs around. Artificial infill also helps promote proper drainage and helps prevent the growth of bacteria. The artificial infill can be made from rubber, sand, particles, or a combination of those materials.

  4. Anti-Microbial Protection

    Look for artificial grass for dogs in Bend with anti-microbial protection to help keep it fresh and clean! Artificial grass with anti-microbial protection is treated to resist the growth of bacteria and mildew. This makes it easier to keep the artificial grass surface clean and free of germs or other organisms that could harm your pup’s health.

  5. UV Protection

    UV light can cause damage to the artificial grass over time, making it look dull and faded. Artificial grass with UV protection is designed to withstand the effects of UV rays and keep its color over time. Look for artificial grass with a higher UV rating to ensure it will stand up to the sun’s rays and last longer.

  6. Odor Control

    Many dogs use artificial grass in their bathroom, so odor control is an important feature. Artificial grass with odor control helps neutralize odors and keep the surface smelling fresh. Artificial grass with odor control is treated to resist bacterial growth and make sure your pup’s bathroom stays fresher longer!

  7. Comfort

    You want artificial grass that’s comfortable for your pup to lay on, run on, and play around in. Artificial grass with a higher pile height is often more comfortable than one with a lower pile height. Artificial grass also comes in different textures, so you can find something that your pup will love. Artificial grass with a thicker and softer feel helps provide more cushioning for your pup’s feet.

    Choosing the right artificial turf in Bend Oregon for your pup is an important decision. Make sure you look for a product with these 7 features to ensure your pup has the best and safest artificial grass possible!