Artificial Turf in Atlanta Maintenance and Care Tips for Homeowners

lawnhomecare Feb 17, 2023 Lawn Care Tips
Maintenance and Care Tips for Homeowners

For homeowners who have artificial turf in Atlanta installed in their gardens or outdoor spaces, there are certain maintenance and care tips to keep it looking its best. Artificial grass is a great way to create a low-maintenance, luxurious lawn with minimal effort. Here are some artificial grass maintenance and care tips for homeowners:

1. Remove debris and dirt.

Regularly check artificial grass for leaves, sticks, and other debris that can accumulate over time. Use a leaf blower or broom to remove any dirt or debris from the artificial grass surface. If the artificial grass is installed in a shady area, it’s best to sweep the artificial grass for debris on a weekly basis.

2. Rinse with water.

If your artificial grass gets particularly dirty, you can use a hose or other watering device to rinse off dirt and debris. Make sure not to use too much water pressure, as artificial grass can be damaged by high-pressure water.

3. Keep pets in mind.

If you have pets that use artificial grass, make sure to groom them regularly and clean up any messes they may leave behind. Artificial grass in Atlanta GA is generally more durable than natural grass, but it’s still important to keep it clean and free of pet waste.

4. Spot-treat stains.

If artificial grass gets stained, spot-treat the area as soon as possible with a mild soap solution or artificial grass cleaner to avoid any more damage or discoloration. Contact a professional artificial grass company if you need help removing tough stains from your artificial grass.

5. Inflate artificial sports turf, if applicable.

If artificial grass is used for sports or other activities that involve bouncing, such as basketball and football, make sure to regularly check the artificial turf for air pressure and inflate accordingly. This will help keep the artificial turf even and reduce the risk of injuries.

6. Keep artificial grass away from fire or heat sources.

As artificial grass is made of synthetic materials, it can melt or be damaged if exposed to open flames or high temperatures. Make sure to keep artificial grass away from barbeques, bonfires, and other sources of extreme heat. In addition to that, artificial grass should be kept away from any sharp objects which may cause damage to the Atlanta putting green.

7. Have artificial grass professionally cleaned.

Having artificial grass professionally cleaned on a regular basis is the best way to keep it looking its best over the years. Professional artificial grass cleaners use specialized cleaning products and methods to ensure your artificial grass looks great for many years to come.

8. Contact artificial grass professionals for repairs.

If artificial grass starts to look worn or torn, contact a professional artificial grass company for help with repairs. Professional artificial grass installers can repair small tears and other damages to artificial turf and make sure it looks new again.

By following these artificial turf in Atlanta maintenance and care tips for homeowners, you can keep your artificial grass looking great all year round!