How to Integrate Plants on an Artificial Grass Installation in Palm Beach FL

lawnhomecare Jan 30, 2023 Artificial Grass Hacks
How to Integrate Plants on an Artificial Grass Installation in Palm Beach FL

Whether you have artificial grass installation in Palm Beach FL for its low maintenance, or for the look and feel of a manicured lawn, adding live plants can make your outdoor space even more beautiful and inviting. Here are six ways to incorporate plants with your artificial grass backyard.

  1. Add North-Facing Planters

    Placing planters on the north side of your artificial grass yard will give you the perfect spot to add a variety of plants that thrive in the shade. Choose from colorful flowers such as pansies, impatiens, begonias, and hostas for a pop of color throughout the year.

  1. Plant Trees

    Planting trees is an easy way to add some greenery to your artificial grass installation in Palm Beach FL while also providing shade and privacy. You can opt for larger trees like maple or oak if you’d like to create more shade coverage over time, or go with smaller trees such as Japanese maples if you’d like something more ornamental and less invasive.

  2. Build Raised Beds

    Building raised beds around the perimeter of your artificial grass lawn is a great way to add some depth and texture to your outdoor space. Fill these beds with native shrubs, perennials, annuals, or vegetables for an eye-catching display that’s sure to draw attention from passersby!

  3. Create a Rock Garden

    If you want something that requires little maintenance but still adds interest and dimension to your artificial grass yard or putting greens in Palm Beach FL then consider creating a rock garden! You can fill it with drought tolerant succulents such as sedums and sempervivum as well as small evergreen shrubs like boxwood or holly for structure and contrast.

  4. Install Window Boxes

    Installing window boxes on the exterior walls of your home is another great way to add color and texture without taking up too much space in your yard! Fill them with cascading flowers such as petunias or fuchsias for an eye-catching display that will last all season long!

  5. Hang Potted Plants

    Hanging potted plants is another easy way to bring life into your synthetic turf in Palm Beach while also adding height and dimension! Choose from trailing vines such as ivy or English ivy for lush foliage coverage, or brightly colored blooms like petunias or geraniums for pops of color throughout the year!

    Adding live plants alongside an artificial grass backyard is an easy way to transform any outdoor area into a beautiful oasis! From planters filled with colorful flowers on the north side of your lawn, to hanging potted plants along fences – there are countless creative ways you can integrate live plants with fake turf for a stunning landscape design that will last all season long!