10 Benefits of Installing a Residential Artificial Grass in Bend Oregon

lawnhomecare May 11, 2022 Backyard Designs
10 Benefits of Installing a Residential Artificial Grass

Lawns are essential and important additions to any residential premises, but the maintenance work can be a bit daunting. Apart from mowing and watering, you also need to take care of the insects and pests including weeds. Therefore, if you are looking for a simple way out of lawn maintenance hassles, installing a lawn that is entirely artificial will be a good idea. Artificial grass in Bend Oregon have the following benefits:

  1. They Don’t Need to Be Cut or Watered

    Unlike natural grass, artificial lawns do not need constant mowing and watering to keep them in shape. Without the hassle of trimming, you will be able to save time and energy which can be used for other purposes.

  2. No More Dead Spots

    Another great advantage of an artificial lawn is the elimination of brown or dead spots. Since the grass is synthetic, every single blade will be the same length and will not fade in color.

  3. They’re Low Maintenance

    Once you have installed artificial turf in Bend Oregon, there is very little maintenance required. Apart from cleaning the grass using a hose or by sweeping off dust and debris, you will not need to do much.

  4. They’re Easily Cleaned

    If you have pets at home or small children who are prone to dirtying things, an artificial lawn will be a great addition for your home. You can easily clean the grass using a hose or a power washer and there will be no stains left behind.

  5. They’re Pest-Free

    Another significant advantage of an artificial lawn is that it will be free from pests, insects, and diseases. This is because the turf is made of synthetic materials which are not attractive to pests.

  6. They’re Durable

    If you’re looking for a lawn that will last for many years, then an artificial lawn is the best option. The turf is made of durable materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy foot traffic.

  7. They’re Safer for Children and Pets

    If you have young children or pets at home, an artificial lawn will be safer for them. There will be no risk of children or pets eating the toxic grass fertilizer, choking on seeds, or getting injured by sharp objects in natural lawns.

  8. They’re Easier to Install

    Synthetic grass installation in Bend is also easier because they do not need any preparation before installation apart from having a firm surface which is free from potholes and stones.

  9. They’re Environment-Friendly

    Artificial lawns are nonpolluting because they do not require the use of any harmful chemicals that could potentially contaminate the environment. Furthermore, an artificial lawn is recyclable which makes it more environment friendly than natural grass.

  10. They’re Affordable

    When compared to natural grass, artificial turf is a more affordable option. Besides, an artificial lawn does not require frequent replacement which also contributes greatly to cost savings.

    With so many benefits of installing artificial grass in Bend Oregon, every homeowner should consider it. So if you are tired of all the hassle that comes with maintaining a natural lawn, go for an artificial one today.​