7 Golf Putting Tips to Master the Backyard Putting Green on an Austin Artificial Grass

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7 Putting Tips for Improving Your Skills with Austin Artificial Grass

Not all putting is created equal. You can putt on a natural grass green, but the smoothness of the putting surface and the distance between you and it can make a world of difference. In this article, we’ll take a look at some golf putting tips to help you master your skills on an Austin artificial grass.

1. Find Your Line

If you plant yourself behind the ball, take a couple practice swings and then try to putt, chances are you’ll hit the ball too hard if it doesn’t go straight. When you feel your swing getting away from you, shut your club face down and start over again. We recommend setting up cones or marking your ball with something like a coin on the grass to give yourself reference points.

2. Go Slow, Feel Your Putt

Hitting hard when you’re on the green can lead to unintended results; this includes overshooting the hole by 10 feet, leaving it short of where you want to be or scooping the ball so it flips over. When you’re behind the ball, take a couple minutes to feel your putt and see how much power you can apply without mis-hitting the ball. Remember that most good putting strokes are smooth!

3. Take a Close-Up Look

If you’ve been practicing golf putting at the range, it’s time to take your skills outside. But many golfers struggle with their backyard putting green because they don’t take the time to set up and align themselves properly. If you’re using a coin or cone as a marker on your backyard putting green, close enough is never good enough; you need to be lined up with something so you can see exactly where your putt will go.

4. Concentrate on Speed Control

The most important part of putting is controlling the speed, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to control your stroke as well. Once you’ve set up and checked your line, take a few practice strokes until you’re comfortable. Then focus on putting slowly and feel where the ball will go so you can putt with confidence.

5. Take Your Time, Plan Ahead

In addition to controlling your speed, it’s important to plan ahead. If you don’t have a yardage marker to let you know the exact distance to the hole, use your putter as one. Putting can be nerve-wracking, but like any skill it’s something you learn with practice. Start by putting down your chosen line to get an idea of where the ball will go; then choose a comfortable pace and feel how much power you can apply without rushing your stroke.

6. Keep Your Head Down

When you’re behind the ball, whether that’s on a natural grass green or an Austin artificial grass, keep your head down and focus on the back of the ball for two reasons: to see how much power you can apply without shanking it, and to keep the ball moving in a straight line with your putter head. If you find that you’re scooping it or missing too much on one side of the hole, take another look at where you’re standing behind the ball.

7. Practice Putting on an Artificial Grass Putting Green

If you’re looking for a way to practice your putting indoors, but don’t want to remortgage the house to pay for a golf simulator (and even then, they still aren’t perfect), there are other alternatives. Artificial turf in Austin can be purchased at many sporting goods stores, but you can also check online for deals on premium putting grass that fits your budget.

Finish Thoughts

Putting is all about control, concentration and confidence. If you find your backyard putting green isn’t helping you improve your game, consider adding synthetic grass in Austin to increase the accuracy of your shots. By using these golf putting tips, you’re sure to be on course for more accurate putts in no time at all!