Putting Greens: 6 Reasons to Install Synthetic Grass in Seattle and Beat Natural Grass

lawnhomecare Feb 11, 2022 Artificial Grass Hacks
Install Synthetic Grass in Seattle to Outperform Natural Grass

The world of golf has changed drastically over the past decade. Where once a golf course meant grass and trees, many now choose to install synthetic grass in Seattle as putting greens to keep their facilities in top shape.

You can even find artificial putting greens at home or at local clubs — and it’s easy to see why. Here are six of the best reasons to make putting green turf part of your landscape this year.

1. It’s Low Maintenance

Golf courses are an incredible investment, but they do come with a hefty price tag. Grass conditioning isn’t cheap, and keeping grass looking fresh throughout the year takes hours of work every day.

Artificial synthetic turf for putting greens does not require watering or fertilizing, allowing homeowners to save significantly on landscape maintenance costs.

2. It Guarantees Predictability

One of the biggest problems with traditional grass putting greens is inconsistency. By relying on rainfall, wind, humidity and other natural factors to condition the turf, you’re always taking a risk when it comes to consistency.

Artificial grass experts in Seattle offers a level of predictability that allows course owners to confidently plan their landscape strategy.

3. It’s Safer

Aesthetically pleasing and highly consistent, putting turf offers a far safer environment than natural grass for all types of play. The low-profile synthetic putting greens feature a reduced risk of injury, making it safer for children to walk barefoot or ride bikes through the backyard.

4. It’s More Fun

It’s no secret that kids love to play in the dirt, but that mud puddle is off limits when it comes time to hit the links. Many golf courses are designed for walkers only, which excludes many young children from enjoying their favorite sport.

Install synthetic grass in Seattle as putting greens for a perfect and safe place for kids of all ages to hit the links and hone their skills.

5. It Comes in a Variety of Styles and Colors

Finding artificial turf that looks just like grass has never been easier, thanks to improved technology and new materials for constructing synthetic putting greens. With more than 20 different styles available on the market today, it’s simple to find a style and color that fits perfectly in your backyard.

6. It’s Environmentally Friendly

With the amount of water, fertilizer and maintenance required to keep grass courses looking fresh throughout the year, it can be hard to justify such extensive landscaping. Install synthetic grass in Seattle as putting greens for a natural-looking landscape that saves time and money — and it doesn’t require harmful chemicals or pesticides, either.

There are many other reasons golf courses and homeowners choose synthetic turf over natural grass putting greens, including durability and safety for pets and children. The fact is, artificial grass performs better in every way when compared to the limitations of traditional green grass lawns.

Final Thoughts:

When it comes to investing in a high-end landscape, most homeowners want the best for their investment. Artificial turf offers the perfect mix of safety, aesthetics and functionality at a reasonable price.