Why the Best Artificial Turf for Dogs in Phoenix is Better than Real Grass for Pets

lawnhomecare Feb 10, 2022 Artificial Grass Hacks
Why the Best Artificial Turf for Dogs in Phoenix is Better than Grass

Synthetic grass might be the perfect choice for you if you have a canine family member. While natural grasses are great, they have their disadvantages. For starters, synthetic turf is much more resilient when it comes to pests and disease.

But there are other benefits as well — such as cushioned paws and fewer cuts and scrapes on your pet’s feet.

Here’s a closer look at the best features of the best artificial turf for dogs in Phoenix:

1. No More Pests or Parasites

One of the biggest problems with natural grass is that it can contain pests and parasites, which are not only bad for your pet, but bad for humans as well.

On the other hand, synthetic grass is pest-resistant and parasite-free. This means no need to worry about accidental ingestion of larvae or insects by your pet!

2. Less Mess For You To Deal With

Dogs naturally love rolling around in the grass, which causes a lot of the plants’ seeds to become attached to their fur. This can create an unpleasant mess in your yard.

Although natural grass does offer some advantages over artificial turf, it can lead to a lot of extra work for you. For example, if Fido spends the day playing outside, there may be piles of seeds and flowers on his coat, which you’ll need to brush off before bringing him inside.

With the best artificial turf for dogs in Phoenix, there are no seeds or flowers to pick up, so it doesn’t need much maintenance after installation. It also stays looking nice all year round!

3. Say Hello to Clean Paws

One of the biggest complaints about natural grass is that the blades can be very coarse. This leads to abrasions and cuts on your pup’s feet that aren’t pleasant for either of you!

With artificial grass, there are no more cuts or scrapes on his paw pads, which might otherwise happen when he spends time outside playing with you.

Not only does it feel nicer under his paws, but it’s also cleaner. This means no more mud or grass clippings on your carpets!

4. Use Less Water with Artificial Grass

Using natural grass in your yard requires a lot of water, especially if you have to cut the grass regularly. On the other hand, since artificial turf never needs water, it saves you a lot of time and energy.

If you live in a hot, dry climate or a region under a state of water restrictions, artificial turf is the perfect choice for your yard because it uses much less water than natural grass.

In addition to being more sustainable when compared to natural grass, Arizona artificial grass is also much easier to maintain. There’s no need to mow, water or fertilize it!

5. Better for the Environment

Natural grass has its advantages, but artificial turf is better for the environment overall. Artificial turf uses recycled tire particles that are bound together with polyethylene fibers and topped with a brown layer of crumb rubber infill.

Final Thoughts

Artificial turf installation in Phoenix AZ might seem like the obvious choice for your yard, but it’s important to consider all of the facts. If you are looking for a healthy alternative to natural grass, check out the articles above.