What Is Urine Burn And How Synthetic Grass For Pets In Tracy Can Help

lawnhomecare Jan 27, 2022 Artificial Grass Hacks
Solve Urine Burn With Synthetic Grass For Pets In Tracy

No one likes seeing those brown, yellow, or dead patches on their lawn. But if you have a dog and they use your lawn to go potty, it’s only a matter of time before their urine kills your grass.

Before you pull out your hair and curse Fido, there’s another solution that might be easier than replacing the grass completely. The solution lies with synthetic grass for pets in Tracy.

What is Urine Burn?

Urine burn is a phenomenon that occurs when urine is left on the grass for too long. Dog pee contains high levels of nitrogen, which will kill the grass if over-applied over several years. The problem with pissing on your lawn is it’s probably not just your dog’s urine killing your lawn, but also all the other dogs and animals in the neighborhood.

It doesn’t take more than a day or two for an animal to kill off patches of grass by urinating on it. This happens because their urine is full of nitrogen and salt that burns the living hell out of your grass roots.

Grass beds are delicate ecosystems that only need a little bit of damage before they die forever—like putting an expensive rug in front of your toilet.

So if you’re tired of brown spots on your lawn and expensive sod replacements, a permanent fix is to install synthetic grass for pets in Tracy. While you’ll have to throw down some cash upfront, it’s worth avoiding the high cost of fertilizer and yard maintenance going forward.

How Can Artificial Grass Help?

Artificial grass in Tracy does not carry all of the same problems as real grass. For one, there is no need for fertilization or watering unless that’s what you want from your lawn. This makes it easy to install and maintain an artificial lawn that still accommodates dogs but doesn’t soil your house with urine stains and odors.

Two, it’s organic, meaning it will never die. That’s why biological waste like urine can never damage it.

And three, there is no need to replace your artificial lawn for years because it’s so durable.

No More Chemicals

Chemical fertilizers can give grass an unnatural hue and burn the roots when over-applied. But with artificial turf, you don’t have to worry about using chemicals or synthetic toxins in your garden.

Fake grass will never turn brown or yellow in the sun like real sod does. That means slower replacement and lower maintenance costs than traditional grass and a yard that looks as good as it did the first day you installed it – maybe even better since fake turf has been known to fade less quickly than its natural counterpart.

The fact that many people choose green outdoor carpeting instead of real lawns is evidence that they want something low-maintenance. Artificial grass is not only stain-proof, but also impact-proof. So if your dog likes to jump around on the lawn, you won’t have to worry about it ruining the surface.

Artificial turf is a durable choice for dog owners who don’t want to constantly replace their lawn. It’s also the best option for homes with children and pets in need of lawn protection.

So if you’re tired of watching your grass die, install artificial turf to enjoy an eco-friendly lawn that can withstand whatever your pets or children throw at it. You might be surprised by how simple and beautiful your lawn can look when it’s never yellow.

For more tips on keeping your lawn healthy, contact a landscaping company in your area that specializes in artificial turf services in Tracy.