7 Reasons Why Dogs Like Playing On Synthetic Turf Near Me

lawnhomecare Jan 27, 2022 Pet Friendly Turf
Why Dogs Love Synthetic Turf Near Me

Dogs are not always lucky enough to have a backyard. Some of them are even relegated to spending their lives locked inside small apartments, where they can only gaze out the window at the lush green grass beyond. Instead of longing for what they cannot have, these pups embrace the next best thing: synthetic turf near me.

Many pet owners decide that artificial turf is better than natural grass because it has lots of benefits for dogs (and other pets). Here’s why many dogs love playing on artificial grass—and why you might want to make it available in your home as well!

1. It’s Easier to Maintain Than Natural Grass

It doesn’t take much effort to maintain synthetic turf near me; all you need is a little water on a weekly basis. What’s even better is that you can easily clean up the messes your dog makes—just grab a rake and a plastic bag, and you’re ready to go!

2. It’s Extremely Durable Against Pup Damage

Since dogs generally love to dig, claw and run around on the grass, many pet owners are worried about damage. Natural grass can easily become a casualty of your dog’s claws during a moment of excitement—and some dogs even like to use it as their personal bathroom! A positive side-effect that comes from artificial turf is that it will usually look almost new for years after you first put it in.

3. There’s No Need for Chemicals or Watering

Natural grass requires lots of chemicals to keep it looking great so that your dog does not get sick from ingesting it. In addition, you have to constantly water natural grass so that weeds do not grow onto your lawn, which is inconvenient if you don’t have time or if it’s raining. Artificial grass requires none of these things to stay beautiful and green, which is perfect for pups who are picky eaters or don’t like rain!

4. It Has Lots of Different Textures to Explore

There are many artificial turf installation companies near me that can offer different types of synthetic grass, so your dog will definitely be able to find one that he loves. Some contain little nubs created by placing tiny rubber beads on the surface; others have long, thin blades that look just like real grass; yet another variety has tiny blue fibers in the top layer that resemble ice when it snows. Regardless of what you choose, there’s a style out there for every canine palate!

5. It Will Keep Your Pup Cool in Warm Weather

Dogs are much like humans in that they do not appreciate being outside in sweltering heat. On a 90-degree day, your dog can enjoy air conditioning while playing on artificial turf. The grass absorbs his body heat and helps him stay cool during hot summer days. If you have ever felt the warmth of natural grass when it’s hot out, then you know just how helpful this feature is!

6. It Has Many Different Surfaces for Pups to Enjoy

Some dogs enjoy running along the smooth surface of fake grass, while others prefer to dig their paws into the ground or chew on blades of plastic grass. There are even mats with different textures that allow pups to explore different surfaces without worrying about their delicate paws getting hurt on sharp pieces of plastic.

7. It Can Help Dogs Recover from Illnesses or Injuries

For dogs who are sick, old or injured, it is important for them to get plenty of exercise. However, it can be really uncomfortable for them to run around in their own homes because they might have difficulty climbing stairs, jumping up on furniture or feeling comfortable when walking on your floors due to age-related stiffness. Artificial grass allows these pups to exercise until they are ready to go back inside once again—and you don’t have to worry about anyone getting hurt!

These are just a few reasons why dogs love playing with artificial turf instead of natural grass—and there are plenty more! If you want your dog to stay safe and happy while playing outside, then you might want to consider calling artificial grass contractors near me.