6 Affordable Ways To Make Your Synthetic Grass In Houston TX Backyard Look Luxurious

lawnhomecare Jan 27, 2022 Backyard Designs
Make Your Synthetic Grass Houston TX Backyard Look Expensive Without Breaking The Bank

A synthetic grass in Houston TX yard doesn’t have to be expensive to look expensive. Synthetic grass is constantly becoming more realistic, and even more affordable. If your own lawn care isn’t doing the trick (or if it’s just a hot mess) these decorating tips will help you to make your artificial grass look lush and beautiful for a fraction of the price.

1. Use a Fancy Focal Point

A fancy focal point is a great way to make a yard look a little more classy. Whether you use a large fountain, small statue or a tree, make sure it is different from the rest of the yard.

Make your synthetic grass in Houston TX look extra classy by using this life-like urn in a focal point in your yard.

2. Use a Tree to Frame Your Yard

A large tree will frame any yard and make it look more finished. Consider adding one that can grow taller through the years, or one that stays small enough for shorter yard styles.

However you style it, consider planting a tree to accentuate your synthetic turf area. This picture above shows how much more ‘finished’ looking this backyard looks with the addition of a simple little tree in front of their artificial turf installation in Houston TX! Great way to add some green without going overboard on expenditure.

3. What’s Behind You?

If you have a backyard or indoor patio that looks out to an unsightly view, consider installing a back fence. Making the yard look like there are houses behind it will help to mask what would otherwise be an eyesore. Here’s another example of how luscious fake grass can make your outdoor area look much more inviting and finished!

4. Think Outside the Box

Synthetic grass isn’t just for lawns anymore, but this doesn’t mean you have to use it everywhere in your yard. Adding synthetic turf to your flowerbeds or between two trees will give you much needed greenery without taking up space in other parts of the yard. Fake grass is also great for adding some green to your deck.

5. Make It Artistic

Art adds beauty, and with the creativity of artificial grass you can make a yard look artistic without incurring an artist’s price tag. Whether you paint a mural on the wall or install some garden art, adding some homemade charm to your yard will be worth it when it brings in guests! Here is another example of how painting up a garage door with some faux turf can really enhance your outdoor living space!

6. Keep It Natural Looking

Artificial grass installation in Houston looks particularly realistic with accessories that keep it natural looking. Add rocks for a more finished look around the border, fences to soften the volume of the lawn and pots filled with flowers for added color

In conclusion, there are many ways to make your yard look luxurious without breaking the bank. Which one of these decorating tips will be your first project?