Creative Ideas For Decorating Your Tampa Synthetic Grass

lawnhomecare Jan 26, 2022 Lawn Care Tips
Creative Ideas For Decorating Your Tampa Synthetic Grass

Tampa synthetic grass is a great way to spruce up a lawn. Best of all, there are so many ways to style to your taste. Let us show you, with explanations on how to pull off each:

1. Create a Southwest-style retreat

The Southwest is known for its beautiful desert landscapes and dark palette of colors, with lots of red and brown. To mimic the look in your yard, it’s best to use small rocks, cacti or succulents, which are very similar to the native plants of the area. Notice how this yard has several red rocks, a Mesa Verde-style bench and an earth toned table set.

2. Do some landscaping on your lawn

If you’re looking for more exotic decor ideas that will make your Tampa synthetic grass look like real grass, then try landscaping!

Landscaping is the process where you alter the land by building out mounds, watering systems and planting new foliage to create different looks in nature. You can landscape with stones or bricks too. It’ll give off a more expensive feel than flat turfs so it’s ideal if you want to emulate high-end luxury.

3. Have a Zen-style retreat

Oftentimes, landscaping is associated with having a Japanese garden in the backyard. They’re very similar in terms of beauty and philosophy, so why not try combining them? Traditionally, Japanese gardens are composed of several elements: waterfalls or streams which channel from ponds to lily pools; stones that mimic natural formations found on Earth; trees and foliage which symbolize life cycles; gravel under footpaths to keep away from possible dampness on grass; and lanterns to honor the sense of peace the garden brings. You can even combine these concepts into one by adding a Zen tea house for a little extra zen!

A few good accents you can add include bamboo, bonsai plants, Oriental-style benches and tables, lanterns, water features, bridges over streams or ponds, zen gardens with flat pebbles.

4. Live an Eco-friendly lifestyle

The idea of having artificial grass like a putting green in Tampa is that it’s sustainable, but you can go even greener by adding more environmentally friendly elements into your yard.

Emphasize on Eco-friendliness by planting trees to combat global warming; add solar panels for energy conservation; install a rain harvesting system which will help you water your lawn during droughts or emergencies.

Swap out your regular outdoor light bulbs with LED ones which are brighter and more efficient while emitting less heat; put in ergonomic furniture made from recycled plastic material to support recycling efforts; and compost your leftover food to create fertilizer for the garden.

5. Be a trend setter

Artificial grass for homes in Tampa is the perfect canvas where you can try out new things. If you are tired of your usual backyard, perhaps it’s time to try something new. You can try out a monochromatic look with all-white furniture to give the illusion of cleanliness.

Go futuristic by adding an outdoor movie screen or projector, so you can now enjoy watching movies even outside the house! You can also try out DIY crafts by arranging your artificial grass into matrices over metal grids.

To end, if you want to be unique, think out of the box and look for inspiration online.