Design Your Backyard With The Best Artificial Turf

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How To Beautify Your Backyard With These Best Artificial Turf Design Tips

A backyard should be an inviting place for children, but you don’t want to create a space that’s so fun they’ll never want to go inside. Here are some design tips to help you balance the needs of your family with the safety of your little ones, starting with the best artificial turf.

Cover the ground with synthetic turf

Contrary to popular belief, artificial grass doesn’t have to be used as an all-out play area. In fact, it’s best suited as a border around flower beds and walking areas.

Why? The soft pile won’t force children to change the way they play, but it does cushion falls and absorb mud after rainy weather making cleanup a snap.

Plus, the green color of the best artificial turf strikes a nice balance with plants and gravel or wood chips, while still creating ample space for kids to play without turning your yard into an all-out playground.

Light up the space

Ground-level lighting is another great option to create a safe play area.

You can use low-voltage landscape lighting for your best putting greens, or add accent lights to your home’s exterior that shine light onto the yard, minimizing shadows on early evening and nighttime playtime.

Only grow kid-safe plants

If you’re planning on planting flowers or ground cover, be sure to choose plants that are safe for children.

For example, many parents of young children might want to avoid amaryllis, azaleas, daffodils and tulips, as these are toxic if eaten.

Also be mindful of plants that have thorns or sap which can cause skin irritations.

Go for multi-functional play equipment

Tire swings are always fun, but consider adding multi-functional play features that can also double as lawn ornaments.

For example, an upright seesaw is a great place for kids to sit and rest after running around all day. But if you don’t want it in the yard all year, mount it on a base so it can be used as a lawn accent piece during the off-season.

Furthermore, look for equipment that can serve several functions.

For example, a sandbox is a great place to let your kids play when you have time to monitor them, but it can also serve as a flower bed or garden area if you add edging to keep the sand in place and the weeds out.

Also consider activity centers, ball pits, and other equipment that can be used both inside and outside your home, depending on the season.

Keep it simple

If you have a small backyard or live in an apartment complex with limited outdoor space, you might think about scaling back on your design to encourage kids’ playtime indoors.

Focus on a single activity area, such as a play house or sandbox, and limit other planned equipment to keep it simple.

This will give kids something to look forward to each day while allowing you to maintain your home’s landscaping without creating an elaborate backyard escape for children.

Artificial grass is not only perfect for children’s play spaces. You can also check out the best synthetic grass for dogs in San Jose.

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