5 Benefits Of Synthetic Turf For Palm Beach Drought Conditions

lawnhomecare Dec 26, 2021 Lawn Care Tips
5 Benefits Of Synthetic Turf For Palm Beach Drought Conditions

By now you already know that you can save water during the drought with artificial grass. But did you know you could also save money on your water bill, reduce your carbon footprint, attract wildlife, and avoid brown lawn syndrome?

1. Save Money on Your Water Bill

Use of synthetic turf in Palm Beach can help you save money on your water bill.

You will no longer need to be watering your lawn during the summer months when you are trying to conserve water, but you are already paying for this excess water you are not using! Artificial turf uses about 90% less water than natural grass.

During the area’s recent drought, you could have paid up to $1,500 a year more in irrigation costs if you had an acre of natural grass compared with an acre of artificial turf. That is a lot of extra cash!

2. Save Water With Artificial Grass

You know that you would be saving water by converting your lawn into an area that requires little or irrigation, but did you know you would be saving even more water than you think?

It takes between 700-1,000 gallons of water to irrigate a traditional lawn each week during the summer months. If you have an acre you are using for your lawn, you are using about 55 million gallons of water to keep it green.

That may seem like nothing compared with California’s drought that has lasted four years and taken up 2.5 million acres (an area equivalent to the size of Connecticut), but that is still a lot of unnecessary water usage!

3. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Synthetic turf in Palm Beach can help you reduce your carbon footprint as well because you will no longer need gas powered irrigation equipment to fill your pools or sprinkler systems on your yard.

Also, you will no longer need to pump water from your well into the sprinkler system you have erected for your grass.

4. Attract Wildlife

What you may not know is that studies show that a brown lawn can deter some wildlife from moving in because it has been associated with human activity, which often times means negative activity such as pesticides being applied, weed killers being sprayed on weeds growing where they shouldn’t be, illegal dumping, etc.

You want the place you live in to be an inviting place for all living creatures! Well there you go: artificial grass in Palm Beach can actually help you increase the amount of native species you have on your property.

5. Avoid ‘Brown Lawn Syndrome’

“Brown lawn syndrome” is a term coined by turf managers to describe what happens when you mow your grass too short, the mower you are using has not been maintained properly, you don’t fertilize or seed your grass properly, you are mowing your lawn too often, you are mowing your grass at the wrong time (e.g., you should not be mowing you lawn when you need to conserve water because you will damage the grass and it won’t grow as well), or you apply too much nitrogen fertilizer.

Here is what happens: you scalp your grass (cut off all the blades) so you will have tangles of grass you need to rake up. You are now demanding your lawn needs more water to grow back, you are also making you lawn susceptible to disease. Well there you go again with the negative activity!

If you follow these steps, you can avoid brown lawn syndrome and keep your artificial grass installation in Palm Beach FL looking great all year long, as well as avoid a host of issues that happen from drought.