5 Types Of Design You Can Create With Synthetic Grass Expert In Portland

lawnhomecare Dec 25, 2021 Backyard Designs
5 Types Of Design You Can Create With Synthetic Grass Expert In Portland

Artificial grass is not just for putting on your roof or having in your yard. It has far more uses than that. Let’s explore 5 types of landscapes that synthetic grass expert in Portland can make possible.

1) Patios and Decks

Outdoor patios and decks are great, but if you want to install an area rug or other type of flooring over them, the options are not as numerous. Most rugs will simply slide right out from under you due to the height difference between your patio and the ground below it. The solution? Artificial turf! With the help of synthetic grass expert in Portland, you can easily create a lush green carpet on top of any outdoor deck or patio without worrying about the space getting wet when it rains or everyone slipping all over the place.

2) Balconies and Rooftop Gardens

This one is similar to the last idea, but balconies and rooftops pose slightly different challenges. Namely, they are not always as sturdy as patios or decks, and it can be difficult to get grass up that high in the first place. The solution? Artificial turf again! When you put artificial turf anywhere, whether it’s your backyard or on top of a skyscraper (okay maybe not), its softness dominates everything else about the area. It’s like putting down an incredibly comfortable rug which also happens to look like grass!

3) Hobbies Areas

Artificial grass makes great hobbies areas. This includes fish tanks, swimming pools, and all around just about anything else that would normally take up space in your living room. Instead, why not put it outside by your beautiful artificial green grass? It’s much more fun than having to sit on the couch every time you want to work on your aquarium!

4) Allergy Relief

This is one of the most important benefits of artificial grass installation like putting green in Portland. If you have allergies, sitting inside all day long can be difficult. However, many people don’t realize how bad sitting inside actually is until they experience intense allergy symptoms while doing so (e.g., sneezing, runny nose). Staying indoors with no windows open makes for a very stuffy area which worsens allergies significantly. A great solution to this problem is creating your own outdoor room with artificial turf. It’s healthy, it looks great, and the best part is the grass will never make you sneeze!

5) Play Areas

Whether you have kids or not, play areas are fantastic for everyone to enjoy. An easy way to create these play areas naturally is with artificial turf. This way your children (or you!) can run around outside all day without getting dirty, worrying about muddy puddles damaging the grass below them, and having very cold feet in wintertime. It also works great as an activity area for dogs too! As long as they keep their nails trimmed short, they’ll be very comfortable running on top of that green carpeting day long. You can even create play areas specifically for dogs in your yard or balcony by putting down artificial turf.

In conclusion, artificial grass goes far beyond just putting it in your front lawn. You can put it anywhere and everywhere you want to create a brand new type of landscape that works great for you and your family. If you’re looking for some artificial grass in Portland Oregon to get started, head on over to your local installers!