4 Fountains And Other Water Features You Can Add To Artificial Turf In St Louis

lawnhomecare Dec 24, 2021 Lawn Care Tips
4 Fountains And Other Water Features You Can Add To Artificial Turf In St Louis

When you are thinking about putting down artificial turf in St Louis, you may also want to consider adding fountains or other water features. Of course you don’t want the water feature to actually be on top of your artificial lawn, but you can build a little place for it near your fake grass. Here are some examples of what you could do.

1. A simple fountain

This kind of water feature is the simplest you can do, and you should be able to put it together without professional help. It’s also one of the cheapest! All you need is an old bucket or other large container, a piece of plexiglass, some stones and plants… you know, all those things you already have in your garden. But if you want to buy new ones you won’t spend too much: you can get a big pre-made stone fountain for under $30 at many places like Walmart.

2. A fountain with a pond

If you’re looking for something fancier than just a little water hole on artificial turf in St. Louis—and you’re okay with spending a few bucks—you can take it to the next level with a fountain you can actually sit by. This is also very easy to build yourself, you just have to pay attention to where you buy your materials so you don’t end up spending more than you want.

3. A pond for fish

So you want a body of water that’s bigger and takes up more space? No problem! You won’t need much money or work to achieve this goal, either. The only thing you have to think about is that you will need a pump or something similar if you don’t want your fishy friends dying from lack of oxygen in the water… but again, there are pre-made ponds available at most stores, including those selling synthetic grass in St Louis, so you can just go with one of those.

4. A waterfall

If you want something really nice—you know you do—you could even create a whole waterfall. Now you’re probably thinking you’ll need to buy lots of stones and pretty plants… but you’re wrong! You can actually recycle all your old buttons into an epic piece of art that also serves as a garden decoration. All you have to do is cut the buttons in half, then glue them on top of each other using strong adhesive tape (like duct tape). Once you’ve glued enough button halves onto each other, you can connect them all with your adhesive tape to make a cool waterfall design you can put near your artificial lawn.

The possibilities for your St Louis artificial turf water feature are endless, you just have to use your imagination. With a little research you’ll be able to find all you need at affordable prices and you can enjoy your new addition in no time!