Why Artificial Grass In Boston Is Great For A Dog’s Health

lawnhomecare Dec 23, 2021 Pet Friendly Turf
Why Artificial Grass In Boston Is Great For A Dog’s Health

To a dog, a yard is much more than just a place to play fetch and roll around. From the time they’re little, puppies want to run wild in the grass chasing balls and exploring their surroundings. It’s healthy for them—and those who care for them as well.

But not every lawn is made for that kind of playtime activity. Especially if you live in an area with high traffic or where poisonous plants grow wild, your dog might be better off with synthetic turf to run and frolic on instead. There are many advantages to having artificial grass in Boston — here’s what it provides:

1) A safe place to pee and poop

No one likes to step in a pile of dog excrement. Even if you have a house trained pup that has “potty manners”, accidents happen, and sometimes those messes hit the floor before you can catch or clean them up. Artificial grass in Boston is much easier to deal with than real grass, especially when it comes to bodily fluids.

2) Less mud and bacteria

Whenever Fido goes out for a romp, he gets nice and dirty—and not just from rolling around in the grass (or snow). When dogs walk on regular soil and lawns, all kinds of unwanted foreign substances end up stuck on their paws. It’s not healthy to bring that kind of dirt into your home, nor does it feel very nice either! With artificial turf in Boston, your pup always has a sanitary place to do his business.

3) The pet owner’s best friend

Even if you love nothing better than the smell of freshly cut grass, best artificial grass for dogs in Boston is much easier on both you and your dog—and it doesn’t fade or wilt in the sunlight either. It’s soft enough for dogs to play on but not so comfortable that they’ll lay down for hours. Many brands also come with anti-microbial properties which means fewer allergens floating around too! Whether you’re training a young pup or just want to give an older dog more comfort, non-natural surfaces are good for everyone involved.

4) A cleaner lawn

If this isn’t benefit then we don’t know what is! Quite simply, you’ll spend less time cleaning up your yard and more time enjoying it—and so will the dog. Fewer weeds sprouting with artificial grass means that you won’t have to spend hours each week pulling them out or spraying chemicals that could endanger your pup’s health.

5) Save some green for later

Artificial grass can save you a pretty penny when it comes to water bills because you don’t have to keep watering it in order for it to stay green. You’ll also support sustainability by not wasting natural resources on maintaining something that doesn’t need them in order to look good.

6) It’s good for the paws

Dogs love it when you rub their paws. You probably do too, but how often do you think about why? Artificial grass is rough—and rough surfaces are just what dogs need in order to naturally exfoliate and deal with any foreign objects stuck there. This can improve their hygiene and keep them happy.

7) The best option for lawns during harsh weather

It may not feel like it where you live, but winter can be tough on your lawn—even if it’s artificial turf. Snow tends to pile up on top of these surfaces, which means that they’ll eventually wilt or break down under its weight (if allowed to accumulate). If you don’t want your yard to become a giant ice rink, artificial grass is the safest option.

In conclusion, artificial grass is the best choice for your dog and anyone who might share a lawn with him. It offers lots of benefits that natural grass can’t, especially when it comes to hygiene and practicality.