Artificial Turf Services in Tracy and Gardening Tips for Turf

lawnhomecare Dec 20, 2021 Backyard Designs
artificial grass tips

Building a garden on synthetic grass may seem like a daunting task, but with these seven simple steps from artificial turf services in Tracy, you can have your garden ready to go in no time!

1. Choose the right location for your garden.

A garden in the space between your lawn and your house or near a patio is ideal. Be sure to have it facing an easily accessible location so that you can comfortably tend to it.

2. Build up the soil for your garden.

You’ll need to build up the amount of organic matter in your soil by adding compost, peat moss, potting soil, or other beneficial material to reach 6 inches deep over the area where plants are being grown. You can also add 1 cup of lime per 10 square feet if you wish to raise the pH level of the soil. If this is not done, plants will grow poorly due to acidity levels in synthetic grass . You should also make sure there are no sharp rocks or sticks on the ground, as this can actually cause damage to your tiller.

3. Use containers and pots on synthetic grass.

A better way to garden on synthetic grass in Tracy is by using containers on the ground. However, you have to make sure they are elevated so that roots do not get matted down with plant matter. Containers should also be spaced correctly in order for plants to get access to sunlight and water easily.

4. Ensure proper drainage for your garden.

The last thing you want is for your garden area to be too wet or too dry! You can create a slightly sloped effect toward the edges of your yard where water will naturally drain instead of becoming puddles or muddy pools. Using gravel at least 2 inches deep over the planting areas will ensure proper drainage while retaining water when needed.

5. Selecting appropriate plants can be difficult on synthetic grass.

Each plant has different needs for sunlight, water, and soil type. For instance, tomatoes are well known for being one of the thirstier vegetables you can grow in your garden. However, many flowering plants require less water to thrive. You should also pay attention to how much shade or sun each plant in your yard gets in order to select appropriately. Test out several combinations in order to see what works best for you and your artificial grass in Tracy!

6. The sixth step is maintenance.

Maintaining your garden on synthetic lawn isn’t difficult at all! Keep an eye on when your plants need more water or sunlight so that they are getting just what they need to grow healthy and strong. If you have containers, be sure not to over-water them by checking the soil moisture levels often. If you’re starting to notice that your plants are wilting, this could mean they need more water.

Enjoy! Once you’ve created an amazing garden on synthetic grass, be sure to enjoy it by showing off your green thumb with the help of artificial turf services in Tracy!