How To Make Artificial Turf In Modesto Fun For Dogs

lawnhomecare Dec 16, 2021 Pet Friendly Turf
How To Make Artificial Turf In Modesto Fun For Dogs

There’s no doubt that artificial turf in Modesto is a great option for pet owners. It’s durable, low-maintenance, and eco-friendly. But what about when your dog just isn’t interested in playing on it? Here are eight ways to make artificial grass more fun for your furry friend.

1. Add some toys.

One of the easiest ways to get your dog excited about playing on artificial turf in Modesto is to add some toys. Whether it’s a ball, a Frisbee, or a toy animal, adding a little excitement can help keep your dog entertained for hours.

2. Set up a obstacle course.

Another easy way to keep your dog entertained to set up an obstacle course. This is especially fun for dogs who like to explore. All you have to do is arrange some furniture, construction cones, or anything else that will provide your dog with a challenge.

3. Make sure the grass is soft enough.

A comfortable surface is important for most animals – if it’s too hard or uncomfortable they won’t want to play on it. Artificial grass in Modesto used for lawns comes in several different grades of softness and stiffness (called “piles”). Softer piles feel more like natural grass while stiffer piles feel more like natural turf (like the stuff you would see at a football stadium).

4. Make sure the grass is kept short.

Artificial grass needs to be trimmed regularly to look nice and maintain its durability. If your dog can see exposed staples or seams, they may avoid playing on that area of the lawn altogether. Keeping your artificial grass cut down will make it more attractive to dogs and easier for them to play on.

5. Add some scent.

There are several products you can use to make artificial grass smell like natural grass – this is especially helpful if you have a smelly dog! Try sprinkling some soil, baking soda, or any other household product designed for this purpose onto the blades of grass every once in awhile for an extra-fresh scent.

6. Keep it clean and dry.

It’s important to keep your artificial grass clean and dry to avoid any bacteria or fungus forming. Pick up any messes as soon as they happen, sweep the lawn regularly using a broom, and dry off puddles of water as soon as possible. Having clean, dry grass will make your dog more comfortable – not to mention the fact that you’ll be able to enjoy it too!

7. Add some color if needed.

If your dog becomes bored with a green lawn, you can always try adding some colorful accessories like fake flowers or even an outdoor carpet . Not only will this give them something new to explore, but it could also provide a challenge by making them search for hidden treats.

8. Get creative and have fun!

Despite the fact that artificial grass installation in Modesto CA is a practical choice for many pet owners, it can be just as much fun for your dog if you take some time to make it exciting for them. The more you play with your dog on the lawn, the more they’ll learn to love their new outdoor “room” and enjoy getting active outdoors with you!