8 Benefits Of Artificial Turf In Manteca For Small Dogs

lawnhomecare Dec 16, 2021 Pet Friendly Turf
8 Benefits Of Artificial Turf In Manteca For Small Dogs

Small dog breeds are cute, cuddly and can brighten up your life. But they also come with some problems you need to know about and this is especially true of keeping them in houses or flats with small gardens.

The best way for a dog owner who want their pet to enjoy the outdoors but doesn’t own a garden would be to provide him/her with an artificial turf in Manteca.

Some people might think that it’s cruel to keep such pets indoors all the time which often leads them to buying dogs from breeders, only later to get bored of carrying out daily walks and become frustrated at their lack of outdoor space.

On the other hand, owners of larger breeds will appreciate the many benefits of using artificial grass for:

1. Less mess

Artificial turf in Manteca is basically designed to be a low maintenance pet area. It’s very easy to clean, especially in comparison to traditional lawn areas which can soon get muddy if your dog likes running around and playing after it has rained.

2. No more smelly paws

As much as you might love your dog, there are some less pleasant smells that it often brings indoors with them, for example when they come back from walks through the park or countryside. Paws tend full of all sorts of dirt and substances that can cause irritation or infections on sensitive people.

3. Improves the insulation of the house/flat

Just like any other surface used outdoors but brought inside your home, artificial grass in Manteca acts as additional insulation for both hot and cold weather, which in turn can save you money on your energy bills.

4. Prevents the growth of weeds and pests

One of the major benefits of using artificial grass is that there is no need for regular maintenance such as cutting and weeding, which often attracts pests such as slugs, ants and bees.

5. Safer for dogs

Artificial grass is a much safer surface for your pet to play on than traditional lawns, which can be prickly and full of hidden objects that could harm them. A lot of artificial grasses now come with a rubber backing to further increase safety and comfort.

6. Saves time and effort

As well as being easier to clean, artificial grass also doesn’t need watering or mowing. This means that if your dog is an indoor pet, you can spend more time playing with it instead of carrying out yard work.

7. Gives dogs a place to relieve themselves

Smaller breeds will often not go to the toilet indoors, but might hold it in for hours before letting you know they need to go outside by digging holes around the house or simply going on your new carpet. With artificial grass this problem is almost non-existent as most small dogs feel comfortable and natural doing their business on these surfaces . Furthermore, there is no risk of them misplacing where they should go and marking their territory inside your home!

8. Reduces shedding and scratching

Artificial grass doesn’t harbor as many allergens as traditional grass, meaning that your dog will shed less hair and you’ll suffer from less allergic reactions. Plus the fact that it’s much easier to clean means that your dog can play on it without ruining your carpets or couches with their scratching behaviour.

To end, we think that it’s safe to say that artificial grass is a great option for any dog owner, especially those with small breeds who want their pet to get the most out of life without giving up their living space. This is not only a great way for dogs to stay entertained and get exercise, but it can also save you time and money in the long run. Call your artificial grass installer in Manteca now!