Why Artificial Grass for Pets in San Antonio Is Ideal For Dog Kennels

lawnhomecare Nov 25, 2021 Pet Friendly Turf
Why Artificial Grass for Pets in San Antonio Is Ideal For Dog Kennels

Dog kennels are places where dogs are kept for a variety of reasons. They can be used in veterinary practices, to house pets when their owners are away or even in homes with multiple pets. The primary requirement of kennels is that they provide the dog(s) housed within them with an adequate living environment.

Kennels for dogs can be made out of a number of different materials – metal, concrete and even bricks can all be used. However, one popular option is to use artificial grass for pets in San Antonio as the flooring of the kennel. This provides many benefits for both the dog(s) within the kennel and for their owners.

1. Can make for a clean, hygienic living environment

Artificial grass for pets in San Antonio is a popular choice for kennels due to its hygienic properties. It is smooth and rounded with no edges or protrusions that dogs can get caught on. In comparison to other floor coverings such as concrete, the grass doesn’t trap moisture and so it is much easier to keep clean.

2. Will not harbour fleas or parasites

In addition to being a hygienic flooring choice, the smooth material of artificial grass will not harbour parasites such as fleas as can happen with other materials such as wood shavings or straw bedding. In fact, the material is actually designed to kill fleas and is a popular choice for homes with pets that suffer from allergies.

3. Easy to clean

As artificial turf in San Antonio TX can be cleaned relatively easily, it makes an ideal flooring choice for dog kennels where a lot of excrement is expected. The grass can be hosed down or rinsed with a water jet to remove faeces or urine. Additionally, the grass can be vacuumed to restore it back to an optimal level of cleanliness.

4. Aesthetically pleasing design

Artificial grass is available in a variety of different designs and will provide your kennel with a more aesthetically pleasing appearance that some other flooring choices. Rather than having a dull concrete or metal floor, you can install artificial grass that will provide more personality to the space and add some colour to your dog’s living environment.

5. Low maintenance requirements

Artificial grass is extremely easy to maintain and requires very little effort from owners when compared with other flooring options such as wood shavings or straw. The substance is also designed to be used for a long time and will not degrade as easily as other materials.

6. Good insulation properties

Although artificial grass in San Antonio TX can be cleaned relatively easily, it does not provide good insulation against the cold ground underneath it if installed directly onto concrete or asphalt floorings. To address this issue, it is recommended that the flooring be installed on top of a rubber or sand base which will offer better insulation.

7. Reflects UV light

Artificial grass reflects ultraviolet rays from the sun which can prevent your dog’s coat being affected by sunburn if they are kept outside in the yard. A side benefit of this particular property is that you can add colour to the kennel if you choose an artificial grass with a bright nap.

In summary, choosing synthetic material such as artificial grass for your dog’s living environment will provide a wide range of benefits. The flooring will be easy to clean and maintain while providing a comfortable living space for your furry friend.