6 All-Season Benefits Of St Louis Artificial Turf

lawnhomecare Nov 25, 2021 Lawn Care Tips
6 All-Season Benefits Of St Louis Artificial Turf

Harsh weather can quickly destroy a natural lawn, but not St. Louis artificial turf. While rainfall, heat and cold make natural grass dull, dry and brittle-looking, artificial grass looks vibrant all year long. Natural grass is susceptible to bugs, weeds and fungus, but artificial grass resists these with it’s superior durability.

No matter the season or the weather conditions outside, your lawn will always look great. Artificial grass is easy to maintain and requires little time or money for upkeep. It’s simple to install an artificial lawn that can withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at it, and once you’ve laid down your artificial grass, you won’t have to worry about changing weather conditions or expanding your landscape.

Here are 6 reasons why St. Louis artificial turf holds up well to harsh weather:

Artificial Grass Doesn’t Dull Or Fade In The Sun

Whether you live in a sunny, dry climate or deal with heavy rainfall, artificial grass will retain it’s color every season of the year. Rainfall doesn’t affect its vibrancy, and harsh sunlight won’t fade it’s color.

No Matter The Weather Conditions, Artificial Grass Always Looks Great

Natural grass can die or become damaged from dry weather conditions, but never fear – artificial turf in St. Louis is designed tough and will not die from lack of water. In fact, it is resistant to drought and excessive rainfall conditions.

Artificial Grass Will Not Freeze And Needs Little To No Maintenance During Winter Conditions

Freezing temperatures can be rough on grass, but artificial grass stays green during the winter months. It’s highly-resilient to cold winters and does not require much care or maintenance.

Artificial Grass Needs Little Maintenance

You won’t need to water, fertilize or mow your artificial lawn – artificial grass requires very little maintenance. This saves you time and money every year as you will not have to buy supplies for your artificial turf installation.

Natural Grasses Need Regular Mowing To Stay Tidy And Long-Looking

While you can mow artificial grass to keep it tidy, it is not necessary. Instead of spending time on lawn maintenance, spend your energy elsewhere!

Artificial Grass Is Designed To Withstand Weather Conditions That Natural Lawns Cannot Survive

Instead of worrying about natural grass dying or fading in harsh weather conditions, install artificial grass and spend less time worrying about your lawn. As a result, you’ll have more time to relax and less to worry about!

In conclusion, synthetic grass in St. Louis is a great investment for your home. It looks healthy and bright all year long, while natural grass quickly dies or becomes dull in harsh weather conditions. Instead of spending your time and money on lawn maintenance every season, install artificial turf today!