8 Tips On Keeping Synthetic Putting Greens In Orlando Clean

lawnhomecare Nov 24, 2021 Lawn Care Tips
8 Tips On Keeping Synthetic Putting Greens In Orlando Clean

Caring for putting greens in Orlando is not difficult, but with the wrong habits, your lawn could soon begin to look unkempt and unattractive.

To keep your synthetic lawn clean requires less effort than a natural turf one because no mowing or fertilizing is required. There are also fewer weeds to remove.

When caring for your lawn, keep these 8 tips in mind:

1. The Right Tools

The first step to keeping your synthetic putting greens in Orlando clean is having all the right tools. You’ll need a hose that can reach far and wide, a water sprayer for watering hard-to-reach places, a broom, a dust pan and brush.

2. Sweeping

When leaves, pet waste or other debris accumulate on your lawn, start by sweeping it all up. The last thing you want to do is try to pick up anything while the mess is wet.

3. Regular Rinsing

Rinse your lawn once a week with a water sprayer. This will remove any dirt that has built up and prevent damaging the fibers.

4. Retractable Rods

Retractable cleaning rods can be useful in eliminating any stubborn stains, such as gum or paint. Gently drag the retractable rod across the stain to remove it. Then, use the water sprayer again to rinse any remaining substance. For stubborn stains, soak a cloth in warm soapy water and lay it on top of the stain for five to ten minutes before rinsing away.

5. A Maintenance Plan for Hoses

Properly store your hose to prevent kinking and other damage. A hose reel is the best place to store your hose, but if you choose not to use one, be sure to coil it properly after each use. Furthermore, focusing on keeping your hose free of cracks and leaks will save you a lot of frustration in the future.

6. Chemical Spot Treatments

If there are any marks or stains on your lawn that look like they won’t come out with regular rinsing, try using a non-toxic chemical spot treatment. Only use a chemical spot treatment if absolutely necessary because it could damage the fibers.

7. Pets

Pets can put a strain on the cleanliness of any lawn, but most natural lawns have to deal with this problem as well. Pet hair and pet waste can accumulate on your lawn, so be sure to sweep often to keep your lawn clean.

8. Watering

If you want to leave your lawn in a pristine state, water it immediately after cleaning. This will get rid of any grass that was dislodged by sweeping or vacuuming up debris. Make sure to check the weather before watering.

In conclusion, to maintain a clean synthetic grass installation in Orlando, you need to follow these 8 tips.

Following the above tips will ensure that your synthetic putting green installation in Orlando not only looks great but is also healthy and ready for any parties or events you may have planned!