9 Benefits of Synthetic Turf in Denver for Front Lawns

lawnhomecare Nov 23, 2021 Backyard Designs
9 Benefits of Synthetic Turf in Denver for Front Lawns

People want to have an outdoor space that feels comfortable and looks aesthetically pleasing. Synthetic turf in Denver has many different benefits over natural grass, one of which is the ability to install it in any area regardless of weather or soil conditions. The following list discusses 9 benefits associated with using artificial turf for front lawns:

1. No weeding.

With no soil to weed, no fertiliser or water needed to maintain it, plus being able to install artificial turf in any weather conditions you are free from the hassle of caring for a lawn.

2. No watering or mowing.

No need to worry about wet weather affecting your garden because there is no exposed soil – so no mud. Synthetic turf in Denver doesn’t have a root system so it’s not susceptible to damage by heavy rain, storms, or hail. You can also save time mowing and watering your natural lawn.

3. No pests.

No insect life will live in the artificial grass for dogs in Denver because it is man-made from plastic fibres – no soil = no life = no insects. You can have a pet without any fear of them ripping up your new lawn.

4. No more muddy paws.

No more muddy paw prints on the carpet and in the house because you will no longer need to let your pet back in when they get wet or dirty- plus they won’t track dirt into the house when they go out.

5. Hygiene benefits.

No more muddy paws or toys in the house because you can install artificial turf inside your home too! Artificial grass is easy to clean and maintain, so looks great for longer than natural grass ever could. Not only that but it contains no moss – just plastic fibres! So there is no need to worry about the kids (or pets) accidentally eating it.

6. No more fertiliser or pesticides needed.

No need for any pesky pests to be killed, keeping your children and pets safe from chemicals used in pest control products – plus chemical fertilisers for natural grass can take up to 6 weeks before any results are seen, whereas artificial turf is ready to use as soon as it’s installed.

7. No rot or mould.

Rot and mould can form in natural grass if there are any damp areas of your home, but with artificial grass installation in Denver, you can have a perfectly dry stable area for your pets to play in. You will never have to worry about any mould or rot as with artificial grass, it will always remain safe from the elements.

8. No need for a shed to store mowing equipment.

In many areas of the country you have to wait until winter so that natural grass can grow again before you can even think of cutting and mowing it (and then storing that equipment back in that shed when it’s not required). With artificial turf you never have to store lawn mowing equipment again!

And that’s it! Now you can have a garden that’s good to both look at and go in! No more mud, no pests, no weeds etc – so it’s a win-win all round as far as having a pet and front lawn is concerned.