Why Pet Artificial Grass in Santa Cruz is Safer for Dogs

lawnhomecare Nov 22, 2021 Pet Friendly Turf
Why Pet Artificial Grass in Santa Cruz is Safer for Dogs

Artificial grass is a popular surface for dog owners to use in their homes because it provides an excellent alternative to dirt which can make your pet’s paws dirty. If you walk your dog regularly on artificial grass, it will also provide them with better traction than most flooring surfaces.

It is important that both indoor and outdoor surfaces are safe for pets so that they are not at risk of injury. Here are six reasons why pet artificial grass in Santa Cruz is safer for dogs.

1. It’s cleaner

Dogs can get dirty paws outside, which means they track dirt inside the home where it’s necessary to clean up after them. If you have an outdoor dog run with artificial turf installed, your pet won’t be getting dirt and other contaminants into your house.

2. It’s soft

There is nothing more uncomfortable than stepping onto a rough surface with bare feet, which is why pet artificial grass in Santa Cruz can be such a benefit to dogs as well as their owners. It provides both comfort and traction so that your pet won’t slip when running or playing on the flooring surface.

3. It reduces noise

There is often a trade-off between the amount of foot traffic and noise levels in living areas, which can be a problem if you have small children who need to sleep at night. Artificial turf in Santa Cruz CA will help to reduce the amount of noise that the dog makes as it runs around, so your children can rest peacefully even when you have an active pet.

4. It prevents tracking dirt into the home

If you have a pet that is allowed outside, it’s important to note that some flooring surfaces can result in your dog bringing dirt inside with them on their paws. If the artificial grass is installed outdoors, this won’t be an issue because no contaminants will get inside.

5. It’s safe for pets that like to chew

Dogs often like to sink their teeth into grass when they need to take a break from playing or chewing other items, such as shoes. Artificial turf should be made of tough material that will not be damaged if the dog chews on it, so your pet can relax while it’s outside.

6. It is a long-lasting product

It is important to choose a flooring surface that will not require a lot of maintenance work for you or your pet, and synthetic grass for dogs in Santa Cruz can be durable enough to last for many years with little upkeep needed. This also helps with the smell since dogs often like to urinate on a vertical surface.

It’s always smart to think about the safety of your dog before going with artificial grass for its comfort and convenience, but these considerations make it an excellent choice for pet owners everywhere.

One of the best parts is that it can be just as soft and plush as any other flooring material, so you don’t have to sacrifice comfort or appearance to provide your pet with safety.