7 Reasons to Choose Artificial Grass in Manteca

lawnhomecare Nov 18, 2021 Lawn Care Tips
7 Reasons to Choose Artificial Grass in Manteca

Do you have a lawn that is too big for your time, budget or skill level? Do you want to reduce the amount of water and chemicals necessary to keep it looking nice? Have kids who are always playing outside but don’t want them getting hurt on gravel or grass burns from crawling near hot pavement? Artificial Grass may be right for you!

Artificial grass in Manteca is a great option for those who want the look of real grass without having to put in all that work. Here are seven reasons you should consider artificial grass:

Artificial Grass requires no maintenance, saving you time and money

Spending less time on your lawn means more time doing other things! With a little help from a friend, you could have your artificial grass installed in a single weekend.

Artificial Grass is pet friendly

Your pets will love it! You won’t need to worry about dangerous chemicals or constant maintenance of the lawn that might be harmful for them. There are even options designed with dog owners specifically in mind such as turf-like blades and recycled tire infill.

Artificial Grass is kid friendly

Kids will love playing on soft artificial turf that feels just like the real thing! Artificial turf in Manteca can be spot cleaned after playtime or during a weekly routine if needed. The kids won’t need to worry about getting dirty, burning their hands near hot pavement, or falling and getting hurt while playing on the lawn.

Artificial Grass can help you entertain outdoors

You’ve been thinking about hosting a party or outdoor event with friends, but your yard isn’t quite ready to host guests? Artificial grass is great for entertaining because it won’t get damaged by heavy furniture like real grass might and requires no watering during use! Guests will also be able to get closer to nature because artificial grass is often made with recycled materials.

Artificial Grass can be used anywhere

You don’t need massive amounts of space for an awesome lawn! Artificial grass comes in large and small rolls, allowing you to pick the perfect size for your outdoor or indoor area. You’ll love that it doesn’t need to be watered or maintained the way real grass does.

Artificial Grass is easy to fix

If you need a lawn that’s just right and don’t want to worry about it ripping, tearing, or fading in any weather conditions? Artificial grass can come with a warranty against damage from pets and kids as well as fade caused by harsh sun or chemicals used to treat real grass. It is also UV resistant and able to withstand the elements!

Artificial Grass looks awesome

Why settle for anything less than what you want when it comes to your lawn? Artificial grass in Manteca can be installed in any shape, size, color and design that fits your style! You’ll love how professional these lawns look.

What are some of your favorite reasons to choose artificial grass? Let us know in the comments! Contact your local artificial grass installer in Manteca today.