The Benefits of Arizona Artificial Grass for Backyard Play Spaces

lawnhomecare Nov 12, 2021 Backyard Designs
The Benefits of Arizona Artificial Grass for Backyard Play Spaces

As a parent, you want the best for your children. You want to create a safe environment where they can grow and explore their natural curiosity without any worries of injury. That is why Arizona artificial grass has become so popular with families who have backyard play spaces—it provides an easy way to provide them with protection from the sun, dirt, bugs, and more! Artificial grass also helps reduce allergens in outdoor environments. Here are seven benefits that it offers:

1. It is soft on little feet and legs

First, Arizona artificial grass feels great on the feet, so children can run and jump without worrying about pain or injury. In addition to being soft underfoot, it also provides a surface that is free from dirt and debris. That means little noses are more likely to stay clean when kids play outside.

2. It doesn’t need water or fertilizers

Artificial grass installation in Phoenix doesn’t require any watering or fertilizing, unlike real grass. That makes it easier for busy parents to maintain safe play spaces without the need to worry about these chores.

Also, unlike natural grass, artificial lawns can be used in areas where water is scarce and children still get the same amount of outdoor time—just by simply moving the play space to another area that is not near any sources of water.

3. It reduces allergies outdoors

Artificial grass also helps reduce allergens in outdoor environments.

Eliminating dirt and debris from the surfaces of play spaces for children is a great way to help them stay healthy when they go outside! Also, this type of surface does not have weeds, live grass, and pests. Without these elements, it reduces exposure to pollen that can lead to allergies.

4. It never needs mowing or maintenance

Not only does it reduce the amount of time you have to spend maintaining your yard, but artificial grass also doesn’t require mowing. That means children can play in an outdoor space without worrying about a loud lawnmower coming close by or polluting the air with exhaust fumes.

In addition, because artificial grass is made from recycled materials, it promotes green living and reduces your carbon footprint.

5. The blades don’t ever bend over like real grass does

Because the blades of artificial grass are flexible, they don’t ever bend over or lay flat. That means that children can play on it without worrying about tripping and falling into a bed of live grass with sharp blades.

Also, this type of surface is more durable than real grass so you’re less likely to have problems with tears.

Artificial turf installation in Phoenix, AZ is a great way to create a safe environment for your children. With these benefits, it can help reduce allergens in outdoor environments and provide an easy-to-maintain surface that’s soft on little feet. For more information about how artificial turf might be able to improve the safety of play spaces or benefit you as a homeowner, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local installers.