Dogs and Artificial Grass Installation in Palm Beach FL: Best Match

lawnhomecare Oct 27, 2021 Pet Friendly Turf
Dogs and Artificial Grass Installation in Palm Beach FL

Artificial grass installation in Palm Beach, FL is a great alternative to natural grass in dog parks. Compared to real grass, the artificial grass for dogs is more sanitary, easier to maintain and doesn’t wear out. Here are more benefits of artificial grass for dog parks.

No grass seeds to injure dogs

First, artificial grass installation in Palm Beach FL doesn’t have any seeds that can harm your dog. Grass seeds can be extremely dangerous, because they can get inside your dog’s eye and cause serious damage. Additionally, grass seeds can stick to your dog’s paws and cause irritation.

No chance of contacting diseases

Secondly, unlike natural grass which can spread any type of disease or parasites, artificial grass for dogs is safe from all these risks. Since the material does not provide a surface for bacteria growth (unlike dirt), it doesn’t contain anything that can cause diseases.

No more mud baths for dogs

Turf for dogs in Palm Beach is drained well and therefore offers no chance of your dog contracting parasites such as worms, ticks or fleas through playing in the dirt at a park with real grass. Additionally, urine cannot be absorbed by it either (unlike natural grass), which means less bacteria and no smell.

In addition, the artificial grass for dogs is a lot easier to maintain. You won’t have to keep mowing it every week and you don’t need fertilizers or chemicals. All you will need is a power washer from time-to-time, maybe some leaf blower if leaves start building up over time and that’s it.

No water required

The artificial grass for dogs doesn’t need any watering and therefore you don’t have to keep checking the dog park’s sprinklers every day in case they break, which can be a very time-consuming process. Additionally, with no irrigation system needed there is no risk of an accident happening at the dog park, such as a broken pipe or an electrical shock.

Less likely to contract diseases

Additionally, it is important to note that artificial grass for dogs doesn’t carry any parasites or disease-causing bacteria even if your dog licks off the dust from his paws after a play on the fake lawn. This makes it perfect not only as a surface at a park with real grass but also in your own backyard.

Less chance of injuries

Artificial grass for dogs is also safer than natural grass, because it provides a non-slip surface that prevents accidents caused by slipping or falling over. With the artificial lawn at their disposal, dogs cannot get hurt when playing games such as fetch with you and other dogs in the park.

No more chewing of blades

Additionally, dogs spend less time worrying about grass clippings around their mouths and noses. With synthetic turf in Palm Beach, there is no need for your pet to chew on real grass or lick up any “tasty” dew that has formed overnight. This greatly reduces the amount of bacteria that is ingested.