Keep Pets Safe in the Yard with Artificial Grass Installation in Phoenix

lawnhomecare Oct 26, 2021 Pet Friendly Turf
Keep Pets Safe in the Yard with Artificial Grass Installation in Phoenix

Artificial grass installation in Phoenix is a safer option for pets than natural grass because it does not contain any of the ingredients that can be harmful to animals. It also lacks the parasites and insects that may carry diseases. There are more reasons why artificial grass is beneficial for dogs, so let’s list them:

1. It does not contain pesticides.

Because natural grass is grown outdoors, it requires pesticides to ward off bugs and parasites that may harm the pets. However, these harmful chemicals are absent in the best artificial turf for dogs in Phoenix. It also does not contain fertilizers that can be toxic to dogs.

2. Pets will not get injured or ingest anything hazardous when playing on fake turf.

If a pet cuts its paws and ingested any of the grass’ contents, it can become very sick or even die. There are not as many cases where pet owners claimed that their pets suffered injuries due to playing on natural grass because most dogs instinctively avoid such surfaces. However, artificial companion grass is not as forgiving as real grass; hence, your dog’s paws will be protected from potential hazards. Additionally, there are no thorns and branches that can cause injuries to dogs when they run and play on artificial grass.

3. Arizona artificial grass does not contain any of the fertilizers that may cause allergies or other reactions in your pet.

Dogs with sensitive skin can develop an allergic reaction from coming into contact with fertilized grass. Artificial grass is a safer option for pets with skin allergies because it does not have any of the ingredients that will cause reactions in your pet’s body.

4. Pets are safe from ingesting harmful insects or parasites that may lead to diseases.

There are many cases where dogs ingested worms and other parasites present in natural grass, which can make them ill. Although there are no parasites on artificial grass, pet owners can place a tray filled with water to ensure that the pets clean their paws after playing on fake grass.

5. It is safer for pets because of its softness.

Artificial turf does not have any hard surfaces, which make it safer than natural grass as a playing area for pets. It also does not have any large rocks or other heavy objects that your dog can step on and cause injury.

6. Artificial grass installation in Phoenix has a longer lifespan compared to natural grass.

Natural grass is susceptible to wear and tear from the elements, which reduces its thickness over time. In addition, all kinds of pet stains and other things that pets may ingest shorten the lifespan of natural grass. Artificial grass does not fade and has a longer lifespan than real turf. Cleaning it is also easy because you can wash it using your garden’s hose. However, avoid using strong cleaning solutions when washing the artificial grass because it could damage its fabric or fibers.

In conclusion, artificial grass is a healthier and safer option for dogs. It can also be used by people who want to relax on the lawn, but do not like sitting on real grass because it has an uncomfortable feel.