Improve Your Outdoor Kennel with Artificial Turf in Monterey CA

lawnhomecare Oct 20, 2021 Pet Friendly Turf
Outdoor Kennel with Artificial Turf

Artificial turf in Monterey, CA for outdoor kennels can offer many benefits to both pets and pet parents:

1. Easier to clean than real grass

Artificial grass for outdoor kennels is easier to keep clean than real grass since it doesn’t require mowing, watering, or trimming. This helps maintain the sanitary conditions in pet enclosures or cages.

2. Artificial turf in Monterey, CA doesn’t attract pests

Because the blades of artificial grass do not harbor insects, bacteria, yeast, fungi, mold spores, algae spores and other organisms that may cause diseases in pets, there is less chance of a parasite outbreak in pets living on an artificial turf surface as opposed to those living on natural turf.

3. No weeds

Artificial grass for outdoor kennels is not susceptible to weed growth unlike real grass so there’s no need to apply chemicals to keep weeds at bay. While these chemicals aren’t always harmful, they can pose a risk for pets and pet parents if accidentally ingested or inhaled by either party.

4. Artificial grass doesn’t attract wildlife

When wildlife, such as raccoons and mice, are attracted to real grass for food or nesting purposes, the attraction of these animals to artificial turf is lessened due to there being no nutritious blades of grass to consume. Additionally, if wild creatures do make an appearance on the surface of artificial grass, the blades are much less likely to be damaged or uprooted by these animals.

5. It’s aesthetically pleasing

Artificial turf for dogs in Monterey makes a yard look presentable and well-kept while real grass may appear untidy with cuttings falling all over the ground from mowing and trimming. This encourages pet parents to spend time outside with their pets on the turf, playing fetch or just spending some quality time together.

6. It’s easier on joints

Since there is no need to climb up and down steps to go outdoors for care or play, pets living in enclosures on artificial grass are less likely to suffer from arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other bone and joint disorders.

7. It’s warmer in winter

Artificial grass for outdoor kennels offers a warm surface to walk on during cold weather which is more comfortable than real grass that can get very cold due to snowfall or rain. This makes the outdoor space ideal for all-year-round use instead of only during the summer months.

8. It’s cooler in summer

Artificial grass for outdoor kennels does not absorb heat so is much cooler than real grass during hot weather, allowing pets to play longer without overheating or dehydrating. This is especially important for outdoor breeds that are more susceptible to heat-related illnesses such as blood clots, heatstroke and organ failure.

9. It’s more durable than real grass

When you install artificial grass in Monterey, it is more durable than natural grass and can withstand more abuse from pets and pet parents despite its softer texture that resembles natural grass under the animal’s feet. This is beneficial in so many ways including when playing games of fetch or during potty time.