Why Dog Owners Love Artificial Grass Installation in San Jose

lawnhomecare Oct 18, 2021 Pet Friendly Turf
Why Dog Owners Love Artificial Grass Installation in San Jose

As pet owners, you are probably concerned with your pets’ comfort. You want the best for them, right? For that reason, you’ll do anything to make sure they are taken care of. And while the outdoors provides many benefits for dogs and cats alike, there is also another option: artificial grass installation in San Jose.

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Pets

  • 1. It’s Comfortable

    Pets will have a comfortable place to rest, even when they are outside. There is no need to stress about grass being so uncomfortable for them that they don’t want to walk on it any more. The artificial grass in your yard will be soft and feel just like the real thing, so pets can dig in it, run around on it, and rest in its shade.

  • 2. It’s Safe

    Because pets can easily find their footing on the best artificial turf in San Jose, they are less likely to hurt themselves when running around freely outside. They are less likely to slip or fall when running past trees, shrubs, flowerbeds, fences… etc.

  • 3. It’s Easy to Maintain

    No more weeding, mowing, and watering your lawn every week! The beauty of artificial grass is that it requires no maintenance at all. You can leave it out in the elements and still get great results. Because it requires no water or sunlight, there is no chance for weeds to sprout and grow. You’ll never have to worry about your pets chewing on the grass and getting sick again!

  • 4. It’s Odor-Free

    No more bad smells coming from outside! Pets can be pretty messy with their outdoor playtime, and sometimes they leave behind a mess of urine and feces after playing or going to the bathroom outside. With artificial grass, you won’t have to worry about your pet leaving behind a gross smell waiting for the next rain to come and wash it away. You can also easily clean up any messes left on artificial grass with only soap and water.

  • 5. It Protects Your Pets

    Just like it protects your own feet from sharp rocks, sticks, and thorns in your yard, the best synthetic grass for dogs in San Jose will keep your pets protected from similar hazards. It’s much softer on their paws than real grass can be when they step on a rock or pinecone in the lawn. It won’t cut up their paws if they forget to stay away from a bush or a plant.

  • 6. It’s Great for Senior Pets

    Older pets often have trouble getting around outside, especially on grass that can be wet and muddy in some places. But with artificial grass, it will always be dry and comfortable for them to get around on. You won’t have to worry about cleaning up any accidents or making sure they don’t slip and hurt themselves while playing in the yard.

  • 7. It’s UV Resistant

    Frequent exposure to sunlight can cause problems for lawns, including fading and yellowing of grass over time. Artificial grass is resistant to the ultraviolet rays from the sun that would normally degrade real vegetation outside, meaning it will look pretty much new even after a year of being outside.

  • 8. Pets Can Always Use the Bathroom Outside

    If your pet uses a litter box in the house, then they can use it outside as well! You won’t have to worry about taking them out every time they have to go, just let them do their thing on artificial grass and you’re all set.

  • 9. It’s Green

    If you have a green thumb, it’s possible to grow your own grass at home with the right amount of sunlight and water. But if you don’t have time for that, or wish to go in another direction entirely, then artificial grass installation in San Jose is still great for the environment.

    Because it doesn’t require any resources to grow, you can save money on your utility bills by using artificial grass instead of real lawns.