10 Major Advantages of Synthetic Grass for Dogs in Denver

lawnhomecare Oct 18, 2021 Pet Friendly Turf
10 Major Advantages of Synthetic Grass for Dogs in Denver

Natural grass can be unsafe for dogs. Your dog may suffer from allergies, hot spots, and even the grass itself can be harmful. Synthetic grass for dogs in Denver is a great option for pets because it provides an entirely safe area for your pup to play in the backyard.

Here are 10 ways artificial grass helps keep dogs safer in the backyard:

  • 1. No pesticides are used to grow artificial grass.

    Pesticide use can be harmful to your dog if he happens to ingest any of the chemicals while rolling in the backyard, playing fetch, or racing around with his doggie friends.

  • 2. Artificial grass for dogs in Denver doesn’t harbor fungus, bacteria, germs or other harmful chemicals.

    Common backyard grass can contain spores of fungus which is dangerous to your pets. This fungus is known to cause skin irritations and even infections when your dog plays in the yard. Artificial turf replaces the grass and eliminates this potential hazard.

  • 3. Artificial turf is a hypoallergenic surface for dogs.

    Dogs with allergies to common backyard grass benefit from artificial turf because it doesn’t irritate or inflame their skin like natural grass does. Additionally, dogs that suffer from hot spots will also be safer playing on artificial turf.

  • 4. Dogs enjoy romping on this soft, springy surface that feels like natural grass.

    Most dogs love to run and play freely in the backyard, but doing so can be harmful for their feet if they’re running around on jagged rocks or pieces of broken glass which are usually found in natural grasses. Artificial turf cushions your pup’s feet and protects them from the elements.

  • 5. The blades of grass on artificial turf don’t cut dogs’ paws.

    Natural grass can cause your pup’s paws to become scratched, irritated, cut and even bleed if the blades of grass are particularly sharp or jagged from neglect or weather conditions.

  • 6. You have a safe place for your dog to play in the backyard.

    Many dogs love to dig and explore, but this can be harmful for your yard if he digs up the grass or plays in the dirt. You can relax knowing that you have a safe place for your pup to play with artificial turf. This also gives you peace of mind knowing that the backyard isn’t damaged when Fido climbs onto his dog house.

  • 7. Your dog can enjoy a soft surface to lay on in the backyard.

    Artificial grass installation in Denver provides a safe and comfortable spot for your pup to lounge on, which means you won’t have to worry about him trying to lounge on the porch furniture or the patio instead of his own bed that’s properly set up in the backyard.

  • 8. Your dog’s bedding is safe on the artificial turf, which means your flooring will also be safe.

    If your dog sleeps in his own bed or uses a crate, you’ll love that the artificial grass won’t leave behind any fur, stains, wear and tear or odor like natural grass can.

  • 9. You can clean up dog waste easily with a shovel or a rake.

    When your dog leaves a little present in the backyard, you’ll appreciate that it’s easy to pick up and discard of with a quick rake or a shovel. Picking up natural grass is difficult and time-consuming, especially if your pup has eaten his own waste.

  • 10. Synthetic grass for dogs in Denver doesn’t need to be mowed or watered like natural grass, which means you’ll save time and money on yard maintenance.

    Artificial turf requires no watering, so you won’t have to worry about forgetting to turn on the automatic sprinkler system when it’s raining outside or forgetting about it for an entire day. And since you won’t have to mow the turf, you also won’t have to invest any money into equipment or gas for your lawnmower.

    When natural grass is full of chemicals and dangerous debris that can harm your pet, artificial turf provides a safe alternative for your pup without compromising your yard’s landscape design.