Healthier Dogs Begin with Installing Artificial Turf in Phoenix

lawnhomecare Sep 29, 2021 Pet Friendly Turf
Healthier Dogs

Looking for a way to keep your dog as happy as possible? Having artificial turf in Phoenix is just one way your canine can be healthy and nimble. Here are 10 ways that having synthetic grass makes dogs healthier:

  1. Less stress on bones and joints:

    A soft, comfortable surface on which to walk and run reduces the amount of impact and pressure on your dog’s joints and spine. As a result, joints stay healthy and strong.

  2. Reduced allergies for your pet:

    There are no pollens or grasses in synthetic grass, reducing the likelihood of having an allergic reaction to it. Because of this, these surfaces are great even for those with particularly sensitive skin.

  3. Safer ground surfaces:

    Harsh concrete can be rough on paws, while fine sand can stick between paw pads. Such surfaces are often avoided by pets, but artificial grass installation in Phoenix, AZ provides a surface that’s much safer for paws.

  4. Discourages digging:

    If your dog digs, he may prefer the grass beneath the fake turf to your yard’s soil. This can save your landscaping and allow you to share a space with your furry friend.

  5. Less mess:

    With no mud or dirt on his paws, there will be less of a mess on your patio or in your house. That’s a great perk for those who’d rather not spend a lot of time cleaning up after their dog.

  6. Less poop:

    Dogs often defecate in the same spot repeatedly because it’s soft and free of rocks or other debris. Because synthetic grass is so easy to clean, your pet may be more encouraged to use an appropriate place.

  7. A safe haven for dogs with allergies:

    If your dog has environmental or food sensitivities, artificial grass in Phoenix may be the perfect place to play and run. It reduces the number of allergens he picks up on his paws and fur, which means less sniffling, watery eyes, itchy skin, etc.

  8. Less noise to disturb your neighbors:

    No more doggy nails clicking across the patio.

  9. Longer lasting turf:

    If you’re tired of replacing your grass every year or two, synthetic grass can withstand your dog’s wear and tear (and potential accidents).

  10. A cool place to relax during the summer:

    With high temperatures all season long, your dog can get some relief on synthetic grass.

  11. An aesthetically-pleasing addition to any yard or home:

    No more patchy or discolored lawn! Now you have a perfect place for entertaining on the patio or relaxing in the sunroom.

    In conclusion, having artificial turf in Phoenix is just one way that your canine can be healthy and nimble. Even if you don’t have it installed in your yard, consider getting an indoor lawn for inside the home!