Artificial Grass Contractors Near Me: Have an Easier Time with Pet Turf!

lawnhomecare Sep 29, 2021 Pet Friendly Turf
Benefits for Pet Owners

As if owning a dog wasn’t already awesome enough, now you can make it even easier by having synthetic turf in your backyard installed by artificial grass contractors near me. No more muddy paws to clean up after, no soggy grass that needs constant watering or mowing, and the return of fun activities for both you and your pooch!

Benefits for Pet Owners

Top Ways Having Synthetic Grass Makes It Easier to Own a Dog

  1. The fresh scent of clean.

    No more doggy odors or mud stains on your carpets, furniture and floors. This is a great relief for those pet owners who have carpeting throughout their homes, as it can be nearly impossible to keep the smell under control without constant shampooing and cleaning. With synthetic grass that problem is solved.

  2. No more mud or icky puddles to clean up

    Just hose off the turf if it becomes dirty, and dry it with a towel if wet. That is all there is to cleaning synthetic grass near me! People who have outdoor pets shouldn’t have to worry about dealing with messy messes like dog tracks and paw prints in the mud and icky puddles.

  3. No more muddy paws – ever!

    As long as you keep up with cleaning off your dog’s paws when they return from outside, there will never be any messy footprints to clean up. That is a huge plus for pet owners with hardwood flooring or carpeting.

  4. A clean lawn 100% of the time

    It doesn’t matter how many times you have vacuumed, mopped or shampooed your carpet, it is still full of dirt! With synthetic turf near me, no dirt will ever appear in your home again.

  5. You can keep playing with your dog even when it’s raining

    You will no longer have to cancel plans with your friends and family when a storm rolls in, because you won’t be stuck at home mopping up water from the wet grass or dealing with muddy paw prints all over your floors by yourself!

  6. No more toxic lawn chemicals

    No need to worry about the harmful effects of lawn chemicals on you, your family or your pets. That is a huge relief for many pet owners who are concerned about exposing their children, families and animals to toxic substances that can be potentially very harmful.

  7. Never worry again about sudden drops in temperature

    Even if winter hits unexpectedly, there will be no need to worry about sudden drops in temperature and the effects it will have on your lawn. Also, you won’t have to spend a whole lot of money on extra heating bills during the winter months if you live in an area where it gets real cold!

  8. Say goodbye to that horrible high-pitched screeching noise from the lawn mower

    Lawn mowers can be insanely loud, so if you have ever enjoyed the peace and quiet of living in a neighborhood with lots of trees, you know how much it can hurt your ears when someone decides to start using their lawnmower!

  9. No more lugging around heavy bags of grass

    You’ll no longer have to deal with heavy bags of grass or pay extra money for delivery. This can be really helpful if you are short on time or don’t feel like dealing with the mess of getting the bag home.

  10. It is so much easier to clean up your pet’s waste

    No more stepping in it, throwing kitty litter on it, or having to pay extra for grass that doesn’t require you to bag waste. Just remove the bag and throw in the garbage! Then hose down your turf with a little soap and water.

    That’s right, say goodbye to all of those burdensome problems you have had with keeping your lawn green, beautiful and free of dirt. With artificial grass contractors near me you will have a lawn that is always inviting to your family and pets, and it will stay looking great all year round with hardly any effort at all.