What Makes Artificial Pet Turf in Portland Safer than Real Grass?

lawnhomecare Sep 28, 2021 Pet Friendly Turf
Artificial Pet Turf in Portland Safer

If you want your dog to be able to go outside anytime, artificial pet turf in Portland offers a suitable alternative to natural grass. First, let’s look at why natural grass can be unsafe for your dog:

  1. Natural grass is often wet, which can be especially dangerous for dogs that are old or have arthritis. This gives them a chance of slipping or falling, hurting their joints even more than they already are.
  2. The standing water can also provide a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and parasites like dog worms.
  3. Natural grass is often full of insects, which can be dangerous if your dog eats them or gets stung by one. This also means that your lawn will have a higher chance of developing pests like grub worms and snails.
  4. Dogs can eat harmful substances from the ground, such as pesticides from nearby gardens, or medication leftover from a previous owner.
  5. Natural grass can be full of hazards like glass, sharp rocks, and other harmful objects that may cause your dog to trip or hurt themselves on accident.
  6. If they eat natural grass their body will have trouble digesting it because it is full of indigestible fiber that causes intestinal blockages and other harmful effects.
  7. Dogs can get sick from drinking standing water, which may contain chemicals or bacteria harmful to them.
  8. Natural grass is not a suitable surface to play on if the weather has been wet for a long time because it becomes slippery and dangerous when wet. If your dog plays roughly, he could slip and hurt himself.

Natural grass is not always safe for your dog, but artificial grass can be great for pets no matter the weather! It has the same feel as natural grass, even when it’s wet, as long as it’s installed by a synthetic grass expert in Portland.

This means that if your dog frequently drinks standing water or other substances on your lawn, it will not have an effect on whether artificial grass is safe.

Natural grass is often full of insects, hazards, and other things that can cause your dog to get hurt. Some of these are not visible until it’s too late — for example, if your dog eats grass he or she might discover a harmful object in his or her mouth later on. Artificial grass does not pose the same risks because it is much easier to clean and maintain.

Artificial pet turf in Portland also won’t worsen the effects your dog’s arthritis might have on him or her, so it can be an ideal surface even if your dog has the disease.

Many harmful substances are simply not visible on artificial grass! Your dog will be able to avoid them without you needing to do any extra work or hiring a professional to clean your lawn.

Artificial grass is often full of microbes that keep the soil healthy and maintain its quality, but harmful substances like pesticides and medication will not affect it in the same way natural grass is affected.

If you want your pet to be able to go outside anytime, any time of year, and find that natural grass isn’t safe enough, pet artificial grass in Portland might be the perfect solution. It is a suitable alternative to natural grass because it can replicate its appearance and feel while also being much easier to clean and maintain!