Synthetic Turf in Charlotte NC: 8 FAQs for Pet Owners

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Synthetic Turf in Charlotte NC 8 FAQs for Pet Owners

As a pet parent, do you wish the grass was always greener for your furry friends? Does a real neighborly backyard conversation about lawn care ever get dull? Has your good-natured good cheer been tested by mower blades and fertilizer spreaders, or worse yet, sunburned from mowing the lawn on a hot summer’s day? If so, synthetic turf in Charlotte, NC for your pet’s space may be the perfect solution.

dog playing to pet friendly lawn artificial turf

Pet grass is much more than a simple houseplant or decorative lawn accent. It is an entire area rug made from 100% synthetic turf that will prolong the lives of your pets and everyone within earshot while keeping chemical fertilizers and pesticides off your property. Pet grass can be installed in your backyard or patio and is typically ready to use within 24 hours.

1. Is pet grass an eco-friendly solution?

Most definitely! Artificial grass in Charlotte, NC eliminates the need for harmful fertilizers, pesticides, weed killers, and other chemicals that are often used to maintain traditional lawns. There are also no emissions from pet grass because it is powered by recycled tires that do not require car batteries or gasoline to work.

By using pet grass, you are also helping the environment since you won’t be releasing carbon dioxide into the air during lawn maintenance.

If your pet ever needs medical care for chemical exposure, you’ll rest easy knowing that your veterinarian will be happy to see that all chemicals were kept off your lawn.

2. Does pet grass require the use of water?

Pet grass does not require much, if any, watering after installation because there are no underlying sprinkler systems or other irrigation devices used in the turf.

3. How much does pet grass cost?

Pet grass usually ranges between $25 and $45 per square foot. Your total price will depend upon the size of your pet’s turf, as well as where you live in relation to the manufacturer or installer.

4. What is the best surface for pet grass?

Most manufacturers recommend placing synthetic grass in Charlotte, NC on top of a compacted sub-surface that is made from decomposed granite, sand, gypsum, or a similar material. This is because a hard base will provide a strong foundation for the turf and keep it from falling over.

5. What is the lifespan of pet grass?

Most commercial pet grasses have a lifespan of around 10 years, give or take 5%. In general, the better the quality of the turf, the longer it will last.

6. How often should pet grass be maintained?

Pet grass should be thoroughly cleaned at least once per month to prevent dust and debris from building up on top of the surface.

7. Are artificial grasses just for pets?

Artificial grass is not just for pets! Artificial grass is becoming more popular around the world for use in playgrounds, backyards, rooftops, golf courses, and countless other applications. The original compounds used to make pet turf are being developed into softer materials that are designed specifically for children’s toys.

8. Is pet grass safe?

Synthetic turf in Charlotte, NC is completely safe, as long as it is installed correctly. All commercial pet grasses are made from durable lightweight surfaces that are designed to withstand heavy foot traffic.