Reasons to Consider Kansas City Artificial Grass for Your Pet’s Sake

lawnhomecare Sep 23, 2021 Pet Friendly Turf
dog loves artificial grass

Dogs love to run and play outside. Unfortunately, many dogs do not have access to a backyard where they can safely spend time outdoors. This is especially true for city dwellers and those who live in small homes or condos — there just isn’t any space for a dog to run around and enjoy themselves.

If you’re trying to find safe and healthy ways to keep your furry friend entertained, consider Kansas City artificial grass.

dog loves artificial grass

Safe and Easy on Paws

One of the most common reasons dogs aren’t allowed in the backyard is because they might hurt their paws on hot asphalt or sharp rocks. Even if there isn’t any sun beating down on the ground, rubber mulch can be too hot for sensitive paws.

Kansas City artificial grass can keep your dog cool and comfortable. There aren’t any harmful surfaces to worry about, so you don’t have to restrict your pup from going outside in the summer or during hot days. Not only does this let them enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, but it also allows them to stay cool without your help!

A Hassle-Free Backyard

Dogs love to run around and dig, but sometimes their natural instincts can cause some damage. This is especially true if your pup is a digging addict. If you’ve ever had a flower bed or compost pile, then you know how frustrating it can be to have the contents dug up over and over again.

Artificial grass in Kansas City helps prevent this from happening. While dogs still have the ability to dig if they want, it is no longer worthwhile for them to do so because there isn’t any dirt to find. If your dog has never had a backyard before, then you’ll be happy to know that everything will stay put in the designated space where it belongs.

No More Smelly Waste

It can be a huge pain to clean up after your dog while you’re using natural grass. If the area is large enough, then you might have to use a shovel or some other tool to scoop everything up and put it into a baggie for proper disposal. Even if you have the right tools on hand, it’s still difficult to get every last bit.

With artificial grass, this isn’t an issue at all. The blades are solid and can’t be dug into for poops or pees to fall through. Plus, there are no holes in the ground underneath where your dog is using the bathroom. No more muddy mess behind them!

No More Bugs

With artificial grass, there are no tiny creatures to worry about. It’s safe for your dog and provides a pest-free area for you to enjoy an outdoor breakfast or cup of coffee in the morning.

A Healthy Alternative

One of the best parts about using artificial turf in Kansas City is that it can actually improve your dog’s physical health. If you’re concerned about the effects of natural grass, then you’ll be happy to know that artificial turf can cushion your dog’s paws and provide a soft place for them to play.

Because it is so comfortable, dogs will actually play harder when they’re on artificial grass compared to anything else in the yard. This gives them an excellent way to exercise without overheating or straining their bodies.

Ready to give your dog the play space they deserve? Call your local installers to find out how artificial grass can help your canine companion stay healthy and happy in the backyard.