Key Advantages of Grass Installation for Orlando Hotels

lawnhomecare Sep 22, 2021 Artificial Grass Hacks
Key Advantages of Grass Installation for Orlando Hotels

Hotels need to consider many factors when choosing what type of surfacing they want to use on their front lawn — how much it will cost to maintain, the image it reflects and the durability of the turf. With so much riding on a hotel’s choice, why not choose synthetic grass installation in Orlando for hotels? The benefits and cost savings speak for themselves:

Can save thousands in maintenance

Since synthetic grass is made to last, owners can cut out hefty maintenance costs. As opposed to natural grass, which needs reseeding and regular mowing, hotels would only need to use a leaf blower or sweeper to maintain their lawns. Those types of labor-intensive upkeeps are virtually non-existent with synthetic turf.

If a hotel owner wants to invest in a good cleaning machine when the time comes, they can. But cleaners such as Billy Goat and Turf Rover work just fine on synthetic grass when it’s time for maintenance.

The look is always preserved

A company that installs turf grass and synthetic putting green installation in Orlando for hotels knows how important image is, so if there’s any damage to the turf, they replace it. Synthetic grass never fades away or goes brown like real grass does during droughts, so it always looks vibrant and clean.

It saves water

With up to 12 million gallons of water being wasted in one day due to broken irrigation systems at hotels, anything hotels can do to cut back on water use is worth it. Synthetic grass doesn’t need any irrigation, so hotels using it will conserve more water than if they used regular grasses.

It saves money in the long run

Since maintaining a beautiful front lawn takes a lot of work and resources, making sure that turf lasts as long as possible is worth the investment. For business owners, the cost of maintaining a lawn can add up quickly. Synthetic turf lasts longer because it’s better suited for warm climates and won’t fade in the sunlight like natural grass does over time.

It promotes healthy living

Many families spend their summers at the beach, where they are exposed to germs and bacteria. Having a clean front lawn and putting greens in Orlando will encourage families to play on the grass rather than potentially exposing themselves to sickness.

It looks like real grass

It’s easy for guests and visitors to tell if a front lawn is fake or natural grass. When fake grass looks more real than the real thing, it’s a win for hotels that want a beautiful front lawn to attract guests.

It requires minimal maintenance

Since synthetic grass is made of durable material, there’s no need to water it down to keep it green and healthy looking. After installation, owners can sit back and enjoy the beautiful look of their new lawn.

It’s environmentally friendly

Using synthetic grass for hotels is an environmentally-friendly alternative to natural grass because it uses recycled plastic and rubber materials to create a durable, long-lasting product that can help conserve water and reduce carbon emissions. Synthetic turf also requires less than one percent of the pesticides needed to maintain a traditional lawn.

The benefits of using synthetic grass installation in Orlando for hotels are numerous. Not only does the material make a beautiful front lawn, it also requires little maintenance and can save business owners thousands of dollars in energy costs each year.