Why Outdoor Dining is Better with Artificial Turf in Monterey CA

lawnhomecare Sep 20, 2021 Backyard Designs
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Al fresco dining is so popular in many parts of the world and it’s no wonder why: it’s a great way to enjoy good weather and the company of others! But sometimes, spills, stains or muddy footprints can leave you scrambling for a mop or bucket. Fortunately, there is an alternative that not only preserves your outdoor space but looks great doing so- artificial turf in Monterey CA. Read on to find out why it’s becoming an increasingly popular choice for outdoor dining in commercial settings.

1) Artificial grass lasts longer than real grass

If you’re using live grass, there’s no way of avoiding the fact that you’ll need to replace it at some point. Live grass needs lots of water and nutrients to grow, so you’ll need to go through the whole process of growing, mowing and irrigating again and again. Artificial grass is different. It’s made from plastic material that can be molded in various designs and colours. These properties make it very durable: in fact, most artificial grass is used for sports fields, meaning that it can carry heavy loads if needed.

2) It’s a simple, effective way to control the amount of foot traffic in your outdoor space

As a restaurant owner or manager, you may have come across problems with leaving muddy footprints on the floor after guests have used your patio for dining. Artificial grass offers a solution to this problem: when guests walk across artificial grass, their shoes don’t make marks on it like they would on natural grass. And if you do need to clean the area after you install artificial grass in Monterey, a simple sweep or vacuum is all that’s needed, leaving your patio ready for use in no time!

3) It doesn’t require as much water and maintenance as regular grass

Watering, mowing and fertilizing are all great ways to keep your grass vibrant and green. However, these tasks can be time-consuming and costly for restaurant owners who manage multiple locations. Fortunately, the benefits of artificial turf apply even in areas where climate conditions aren’t so favourable for live grass growth. Artificial grass doesn’t need water or much natural light to grow, so restaurant owners can set it up in any location without worry of environmental factors. Artificial grass also has a longer lifespan, meaning that you won’t have to replace it for a while!

4) Artificial grass is an effective solution for preventing falls on patio surfaces

If you’ve ever tried walking barefoot on sand or rocks, you know that it can be quite painful. The same thing happens to guests who walk on patio surfaces where the rocks or ground have been cordoned off for safety reasons- they often experience cuts and bruises from jagged edges. Artificial grass is a much better material for this purpose because it provides a soft surface for people to walk on.

5) It looks great, no matter the occasion

One of the best things about artificial grass is that it can be molded into a variety of shapes and textures. This means that you can use artificial turf to recreate a lush, natural lawn for your outdoor dining area. Artificial grass has been used on golf courses and Pebble Beach putting green for many years, so you can trust that it will look fantastic in any setting!

If you’re curious about how artificial turf in Monterey CA can benefit your restaurant, contact local experts today to learn more.