Las Vegas Artificial Turf: Great for Potty Training Your Pup!

lawnhomecare Aug 25, 2021 Pet Friendly Turf
Las Vegas Artificial Turf Great for Potty Training Your Pup!

Las Vegas Artificial Turf Great for Potty Training Your Pup!

Dogs are naturally not the cleanest creatures on Earth. They like to do their business in dirt, sand, even grass! If you aren’t using Las Vegas artificial turf for your yard or if they don’t have a dog park nearby that is covered by fake grass then potty training can be difficult.

Many dogs will simply hold it until they get to the grass, but sometimes it can be too late. That’s where artificial turf is so useful because you have a surface that your dog knows will always stay clean.


Use a small area at first, then slowly expand it.

Keep your dog on a leash when you take them outside to potty.

Let them sniff around for awhile before letting them do their business. This will help teach them where they are supposed to go.

Make sure the grass is getting enough sunlight so that they have an easier time finding the right spot.

If your dog is still having trouble you can try using a scent to make them feel more at home and help guide them to the right place.

Sometimes it’s better for multiple dogs to use one area of artificial grass instead of taking up too much room in their small space with different potty areas.

Keep their space clean by using an automatic cleaning system for artificial grass and a scooper to keep the area free of waste.

Dogs don’t always like taking potty breaks inside so let them do it outside where they feel most comfortable, not only will this make things easier but you can also get some fresh air.

Be patient, it can take a while for them to learn where they are supposed to go and figuring out if artificial grass is better than real grass sometimes takes some trial and error.

Benefits of potty-training dogs on Las Vegas Artificial Turf

  • Your dog can use the bathroom whenever they need to instead of holding it until you get home or find a park.
  • They will be comfortable going on artificial grass installation in Las Vegas because dogs naturally do their business outside anyways so this just keeps them in their comfort zone.
  • You won’t have to worry about stepping in something gross when walking barefoot in your yard or tracking dirt into the house.
  • Dog runs and dog parks covered by artificial grass will keep dogs from going outside of their designated area which can help teach them to avoid certain areas, such as gardens and pools.
  • You won’t have to worry about leaving your dog home alone for long periods of time because you know they can go to the bathroom whenever they need.
  • If your dog is sick and you want them to stay outside then artificial grass will be easier for them than real grass because it doesn’t get as muddy or dirty.
  • Bacteria, parasites, and other harmful things won’t stick around on fake turf so you don’t have to deal with health problems.

The main benefit of using Las Vegas artificial grass is that your dog will always feel comfortable when they need to go potty, even if you are away for long periods of time or it’s raining outside! As you can see there are many benefits to using fake turf and fewer risks than real grass so why not give it a try!