Awesome Hedging Ideas for Synthetic Grass in Vacaville

lawnhomecare Aug 25, 2021 Backyard Designs

Hedges are a beautiful way to add privacy and beauty to your property. At the same time, they also provide an opportunity for creativity with how you design them. Synthetic grass in Vacaville becoming more popular both because it requires minimal maintenance while still providing a natural look and feel. Here are some creative hedging designs for artificial grass:

What is a backyard hedge?

A backyard hedge is often an ornamental planting of shrubs or bushes grown in a confined area such as a garden, landscape, or lawn. Hedges can form living fences, screens between areas, and decorative accents.

Benefits of hedging designs for artificial grass in Vacaville, CA include beauty, privacy and protection.

A hedge also acts as a windbreak, and can offer some degree of noise protection. The hedges are usually trimmed to retain their shape which tends to be formal with sharp edges like the topiary sculptures seen in old English gardens or French estates.

Creative Hedge Design Ideas to Try

  • The Dutch Box Hedge design

    The Dutch Box Hedge design is a great way to create an attractive hedge in your yard. Instead of using plant material, this hedging uses half plants and the other side has plastic boards that are attached together in a grid pattern. See more at:

  • Pergola

    In order to have tall trees or bushes near your house, you may want to make use of a pergola for your synthetic grass in Vacaville. A pergola is placed on the edge of the property where you would like it and then trees or bushes are planted inside that area, creating an attractive hedge for your house.

  • Drawstring hedgerow

    A drawstring hedgerow is great for those who want privacy without having something permanent up. This is a hedge design that you can make by tying together the branches or trunks of trees to form an attractive, movable perimeter.

  • Tree guards

    Tree guards are often used as hedges because they require little maintenance and also add privacy while preventing animals from entering your property. They offer protection for sensitive plants growing close to driveways and sidewalks, as well.

  • Living Fence

    A living fence can provide an attractive and creative hedge design for your property, just like regular fences do. The difference is that they are created from plants instead of solid material, which makes them more versatile in terms of location and use. They work great to create a natural barrier or you could simply plant some flowers around your garden to create a living fence.

  • Classic Hedgerow

    A hedgerow is best for those who want an attractive and long-lasting hedge, but don’t have the time or ability to maintain it every day. It’s made out of evergreen trees that are planted closely together in rows that eventually form a dense wall of greenery on one side with a decorative fence on the other.

The use of living fences and hedges is a great way to cultivate an attractive garden while still maintaining privacy, without requiring excessive maintenance or equipment. Artificial grass can be used with this type of design as well since it’s much easier for plants to grow in than regular dirt would be. Plus, having a beautiful garden is a great way to make your property more appealing, which can be good for attracting buyers or renters. For more design ideas for artificial grass putting greens and Vacaville backyards, call your local turf landscapers today.