Why You and Your Pet Will Love Artificial Grass for Dogs in Stockton

lawnhomecare Aug 24, 2021 Pet Friendly Turf

Having a backyard covered with artificial grass for dogs in Stockton is the perfect way to keep your canine entertained and happy. First, it’s low maintenance so you don’t have to do as much work or worry about things like grass clippings getting stuck in their feet when they’re running around. Second, many dogs enjoy playing on smaller surfaces because it gives them more room to move around. Finally, it helps with allergies because they don’t have to be exposed to grass pollen or other allergens when playing out in your backyard.

Aside from that, here are more great reasons why dogs love synthetic turf!

  • It’s easier to clean up after dogs play on synthetic turf than natural grass at times because there are no dirt clumps or sticks in their fur from rolling around and chasing balls.
  • Synthetic grass is a lot cheaper to maintain than natural grass
  • There are no weeds or bugs near the surface of synthetic turf because pests don’t like crawling over plastic!
  • It’s great for dogs that suffer from allergies as well because they can be around their fur-friends or play with other dogs without feeling itchy and scratching all day
  • Synthetic turf is soft and easily walked on. Dogs’ paws do not get sore or bruised by walking on the synthetic material like they might with sand, dirt or gravel.
  • The surface of artificial grass and putting greens in Stockton doesn’t absorb heat as much as natural surfaces such as concrete would when it’s hot outside, so dogs won’t overheat when they’re playing on it.
  • Dogs sometimes get an upset stomach from ingesting stray pieces of grass that have gone into their mouths while they are grazing and artificial turf is just a flat surface, so there’s less risk for them to make themselves sick by eating the wrong thing!
  • Synthetic turf doesn’t need any watering or care!
  • Synthetic turf is sustainable and doesn’t need to be replaced with natural grass. This eliminates the use of chemicals that are used on natural surfaces like fertilizers, pesticides, weed killers and more.

Bonus: Dog Park Pros of Artificial Grass

The benefits for dogs playing at our dog parks in Stockton include all the reasons listed above. Beyond that, there are some other benefits to dog parks.

  • It’s a great place for dogs to play and interact with one another. Dog owners can make new friends while their pets get exercise in the process!
  • Dogs will strengthen social skills by playing off leash together. This is especially important during puppyhood because they need all the socialization they can get.
  • Dogs will be less likely to bark at strangers if they are used to playing with them in an environment where it is safe, fun and free of consequences for mis-behavior.
  • Dog parks with synthetic grass in Stockton provide a space that provides dogs the opportunity to sniff each other’s urine, which helps relieve stress and anxiety when living in a home with other animals or humans.
  • Playing on a dog park gives dogs physical and mental exercise, which can help prevent obesity in them!

Artificial grass for dogs in Stockton is a great material for both residential and commercial pet runs, so talk to your local installers to learn more!