What Features Should You Look for in the Artificial Grass Installation for Phoenix Putting Greens?

lawnhomecare Aug 24, 2021 Artificial Grass Hacks

Believe it or not, there are a multitude of features to consider when selecting synthetic putting greens made of artificial grass installation in Phoenix. Read on to learn what they are.


One of the most obvious considerations is cost. The prices can range anywhere from $700 for just enough material to cover a 12′ x 18″ area up to an arm and a leg ($14,000) depending on the size and intricacy of the design, as well as the type of Arizona artificial grass you will invest in.


The other important consideration is durability. Synthetic putting greens made of artificial grass will need to withstand heavy foot traffic, sun exposure, extreme weather conditions (wind), animals such as dogs or deer that may wander onto them etc., so it’s a good idea to get one with at least an “A” level of durability.


The next important consideration is maintenance requirements, which are another thing to consider when selecting synthetic putting greens made of artificial grass. The short answer here is that it depends on the type you select and how much time/money you have available for upkeep. You can find a variety of low-maintenance options these days.

There are many types of designs available for synthetic putting greens made of artificial grass these days, ranging from simple straight lines and shapes to more elaborate, realistic designs.

Personal Preference

Another consideration is personal preference and what appeals to your taste the most. Some people prefer a natural look with lots of curves and contours while others desire a hard-surfaced putting green that’s as much like the real thing as possible (i.e., replicating an actual golf course).


Then, there are the actual features you want on your artificial putting green in Phoenix. These include the speed of the green, how fast or slow it is. The longer you take to putt and roll your ball, the more likely you are to mess up and not make a clean shot.

There’s also slope where some greens have slopes that allow for putting from different angles with less effort while others don’t. There’s also the quality of sand that you want in your putting green as well. Lastly, there’s also how much artificial grass is on your putt and roll surface which ranges anywhere from 25% to 100%.

Choose Artificial Grass Installation for Phoenix Putting Greens!

The best material for a putting green is artificial turf because it’s designed to withstand anything Mother Nature throws at it and with proper care, will last longer than most other surfaces you can put under your golf balls when practicing. Artificial grass also has more give in terms of how hard or soft certain spots are on the surface.

Finally, the best artificial turf greens are perfect for those who have a backyard, limited space or live in an apartment. Golfers of all ages and skill levels can use it to practice their putting skills so that they’re always ready when the ball is put on the green during playtime. It also saves money because you don’t need as many materials and it’s cheaper to maintain. Contact your local installers today to get started with your own putting green!