Gardening on Artificial Grass in Monterey Using Raised Planters

lawnhomecare Aug 24, 2021 Backyard Designs

Planting a garden on artificial grass in Monterey is not difficult, but there are some tricks to the trade. Raised planter boxes allow you to garden at a comfortable height and collect water from rain gutters into your plants’ root zone. Try these tips!

What are raised planter boxes?

A raised planter box is a container for growing plants that has been elevated off the ground to provide better drainage, or because it’s easier to reach. Raised boxes are typically made of wood and include an appropriate soil depth for planting flowers, vegetables, herbs or other plant life-forms. They’re often built-in modular units so they can be arranged in any desired pattern.

How do I build raised planter boxes?

There are many plans online for building your own raised planting box, but most people opt for pre-fabricated ones. These can be found at most garden centers.

How do I plan a garden on my synthetic lawn with raised box?

You’ll want to select flowers and plants that are appropriate for your region, as well as ones that will look good when viewed from the ground. If you’re planning a flower bed, consider colors of all sorts – bright yellows and oranges, purples and violets. If you’re planning a vegetable bed, opt for hearty greens or large colorful pods (like beans).

A few raised planter boxes ideas:

  • Place a single box in the center of your lawn to grow a vegetable or herb garden, and then place small plants toward the outer edges so they’re less likely to get trampled by people walking around
  • Arrange several side-by-side boxes into a border to create a garden that’s easy to walk around
  • Stack several boxes in alternating colors for an interesting display on your Pebble Beach putting green or backyard

What are the benefits and drawbacks of raised planter boxes?

  • Disadvantages

    The main disadvantage with using raised planting boxes is that they take up a lot of space on artificial turf in Monterey, CA. This means you won’t have much room for other landscaping features, like trees or bushes.

  • Disadvantages

    The main benefit with using raised planting boxes is that plants grow higher off of the ground, which means they’re less likely to be damaged by people walking around or small children playing on the lawn. They’re also more accessible for people who have mobility issues, and plants don’t need to be watered as often because they get better drainage.

    Raised planter boxes are a great way of keeping your flowers and vegetables high off the ground so that you can enjoy them without having to bend over too much. They also take up much less space than in-ground plantings, so you have more room for other landscaping features.

Finally, they’re perfect if you have an artificial lawn because you won’t need to worry about the artificial grass in Monterey getting trampled. Try it today!